Friday, June 14, 2013

challenge time

I think what I'm going to do - instead of jumping all the way in at once - is to set myself a new goal every couple weeks.

I've spent the past couple days thinking about it, and I've come to the conclusion that the first goal ABSOLUTELY MUST be to stop drinking so many freaking calories.

At my new work the fridge is stocked with soda, which I've been drinking about half regulars and half diet.  I'm not going to cut out soda all together - YET - but I've got to switch over to diet.  The regular cokes are delicious, but not helping me at all.

I stop at Starbucks more often than I'd like for iced dirty chais... which I am fully capable of cutting back on.  When I first started this blog, I allowed myself to get Starbucks once a week, on Friday.  I'm going back to that rule.  I won't cut myself off completely, but I can definitely handle limiting my dirty chai fix to be a treat once a week.

The bigger challenge is going to be drinks at the bar.  However, with my primary drinking buddy moving away in a few weeks, perhaps it will be easier than I think.  Not saying there won't be days when I won't have a beer with dinner or anything, but again, this is an area I can cut back in without completely abstaining.

So that's the plan! For the next couple weeks I'll really focus on drinking a LOT more water, and far fewer caloric beverages.

Now the question is... what should I plan to tackle after this?

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

i know, i know!

It's been a looooooong time. Over a year.

 The truth is though, I miss blogging. I feel dumb coming back after not writing for more than a year. 

So, what to do. Feel dumb. Or let it go and move on.

 Moving on... It's been an interesting year. Last summer I moved in with a good friend and former college roommate. I've loved living with her, but now she is moving out of state to live with her fiancee. (Guess that makes sense, but I'll miss herrrrrr!)

 I have a new job, at an oil and gas accounting firm. I've been there 3 months so far. I freaking LOVE IT. The people are awesome, the pay is better, and the work is interesting and challenging. I couldn't really ask for more. I feel like I've finally figured out what I'm good at - and I have to say, being GOOD at and also LIKING my job are AMAZING FEELINGS.

 Anyway, what with Emily moving away, I'm going to have some time to fill in my days. No more binge watching Netflix together. No more hanging out all weekend long being lazy. I need to build my own life back up. I've so loved this past year, and having a friend around all the time was so good for my mental health. But I also think I'm ready to live on my own for a little while. I want to work out more, I want to go to bed earlier. I want to cook healthier foods and not eat out so much. My physical health is definitely not where it used to be, and I'm excited to start down the path of living a healthier life again.

 I put my gym membership on hold for 3 months because 1. the spin classes that worked with my schedule (and that were taught by my favorite teacher) were cancelled for the summer. and 2. I'm going through a difficult financial situation and can use the $30/month elsewhere. I've scheduled it to pick back up at the end of August, and I already can't wait to get back! Until then, my workouts are going to be DVDs and walks and runs outside.

 I'll do my best to keep things updated here. I really do enjoy writing and blogging, and I'm looking forward to getting back into a routine in this area too.

For now, it's time to get some dishes done, perhaps make something for dinner (not gonna lie, it's like 90 in Denver and I ate ice cream when I got home from work...). So yeah, I need a real "dinner", which may end up just being a grilled cheese or a bowl of cereal.

 Be back soon... I promise!