Monday, March 29, 2010

6 months, and a bunch of questions

I bet you were all just crazy with anticipation all day, waiting for this post. Okay, maybe not. It's kind of anticlimactic. My weight this morning was 201.8. Which is -.2 from Friday, haha. So, I have not passed 50 pounds yet, but I know it is not far in my future!

If you really had your heart set on celebrating a 50 pound loss today, you should totally head over to my friend Laura's blog at 100in12 and read all about her success. She officially blew past 50 pounds today, and that is SO awesome and inspiring! Go congratulate her! I will wait here.

Okay, are you back now? So as interesting as it was weighing in on Monday, I am going to stick with Fridays for right now. Monday weigh ins might help keep me on track over the weekend, but I also do my long runs on Sunday. That means that I eat a lot more on Sundays, too. If you have never been on a long run... they make you ravenously hungry afterwards. Or at least that is what they do to me. So yep, I'm sticking with Friday for the time being.

Today I warmed up with a mile walk/jog on the treadmill and then did my new lifting regime. Man, can I tell the difference, even on machines where I only go up 5 or 10 pounds. I'm looking forward to the challenge these next few weeks... then it will be time to move up again!

Time for questions!

1. I love the gym. I would spend all my free time there if that didn't interfere with the rest of my life! I honestly love working out and I look forward to it every single day. However. I really struggle with making the right choices when it comes to the food I am eating. For those of you who are strong in this area... what goes through your head when you decide what to eat? Do you have any good tips or tricks? Especially mentally? I obviously know that it is better to eat a piece of fruit than a bowl of ice cream. But I still have a hard time resisting delicious things that are not that good for me.

2. I had something else to ask you all, but I do not remember what it was. So I shall improv. What have you done today that was good for you? How about this week? Or even this month? Tell me about your successes, and what you are proud of having done so far.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

8 miles and other things

So today was my 8 miler. I didn't do my 3 yesterday. I took a friend to the airport very early in the morning, and decided it was more important that I nap than run three miles. It was a good decision, haha.

But back to the 8 miles! I was really worried, just because I have only started feeling really, truly better from that stomach thing I had within the last 3 or 4 days. I hadn't done a really intense workout since before that, so I was concerned that I was going to struggle a lot with the 8 miles. Turns out, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. It was absolutely beautiful today, so that helped a lot, plus I took a water bottle and an energy gel with me. (Powerbar Raspberry, in case you were wondering!) I really think those two things are what got me through so nicely. It was a great run, and I walked a block or two every two or three miles.

I started feeling kind of sore about 6 miles in, but it wasn't terrible. My feet were feeling it, as were my knees and even a little bit in my hips. One of the things that really helped me during my first 1/2 marathon was taking a couple ibuprofen halfway through the race... which would be not too much after 6 miles. So I'm thinking I may take some with me, just in case, when I do 9 miles on Friday. (I have work off Friday, but I'm working Easter weekend, so Friday is my best chance for a long run this week. I'm going to make a playlist and have my own little outdoor Good Friday service, haha!)

So anyway. Got home, iced everything that was sore, and showered. Then I went grocery shopping where I got tons of delicious fruit because it was on sale and looked good. Bananas, strawberries, apples, a pineapple, blackberries. Can't wait to eat it all up. Yum. Then I made whole wheat blueberry pancakes! They seriously hit the spot. I ate them at 3ish... and now it is 8:30 and I'm just starting to get hungry again. I will post the recipe later this week, because they were delicious. Plus, you can use your favorite fruit instead of blueberries if you want!

But for now, I am going to go make myself a light dinner/snack before starting to clean my room. I hope you have all had wonderful Palm Sundays! I know I did.

Come back tomorrow for my official 6-month weigh in!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Part 2: Running

Since my morning update was so sparse, I thought I'd do another post! Especially since one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Josie (yes, click the link, then follow her blog... hehehe) asked me about how I got started running! And I think that is a great question, and totally post-worthy.

When I first started running, I was probably at my highest weight in college. I was inspired to start by my brother, who had been running for awhile, and he is the one who told me to read Dean Karnazes book UltraMarathon Man. I read it, loved it, and decided to start running. I was so ridiculously out of shape. So when I would first go out, this is what I did. I would walk around in a neighborhood, and I would only run when I was going past driveways. Any other times would be walking. Then I gradually worked up to only walking by the driveways, and running the rest of the time. Later I would alternate blocks. It was a very slow process, and I had never even heard of C25K, so I was pretty much making up my own.

I don't know when the first time I ran a whole mile was. I remember being very proud of myself when I did it, but I can't remember when or where it was. The process of getting there was really just working up to being able to run most of the time when I went out and walking less and less. Whenever I upped my distance, I usually needed to add more walking in. But after awhile, I would be back to running most of the distance. Even now, I walk during my runs, especially my long runs. During races, I usually just walk through the water stations, and while I drink, and that is usually enough. Just enough to give my legs a little bit of a change, and then it's back to running.

So, Josie, and everyone else, I hope this was helpful! I know it is very vague, but it's what I've got. Work your way up to mostly running at your own pace, and walk when you need to. There is absolutely no shame in walking!

And speaking of running, I have 3 miles tomorrow (who knows if that will happen, it's a busy day), and 8 on Sunday. Wahoo!

the latest

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 203.8

This Week: 202 (-1.8)

I am SO happy with a 1.8 pound loss. I am also so, so close to having lost 50 pounds. It is so hard to be patient these days! Monday is officially the 6 month mark since I began this journey, so here is the plan... I'm going to weigh in again on Monday, just for fun. Which will also force me to stay on plan this weekend, hahaha. I'm also thinking about changing my weigh in days to Monday permanently. What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea?

That's it for today I guess. Sorry it's so short, but I have to get ready for work and eat breakfast still. Happy Friday, and have a great weekend, everyone!

Monday, March 22, 2010


So I am sure that many of you follow Jack Sh*t, and know of his questions that he asked last Wednesday. (And if you don't, you really should.) Since I haven't posted since Friday, mostly because not a lot of interest has happened, I thought I would tackle these questions today. Enjoy!

Why do you suppose you let your life be less than you imagined it to be?
I think because it was easier, emotionally, to ignore the fact that I was overweight than to do anything about it. I thought because I was overweight, I didn't deserve to have that life. But I know better than that now. Ignorance is not always bliss. In this case, ignorance was stupidity, and a set up for the massive load of work I have been tackling since September. In the end, I am worth it, and I do deserve an incredible life - even if I never lose another pound.

Why do you stumble so often despite all your good intentions?
To put it simply, because I am human. I'm not perfect. You are not perfect. So let's not pretend that we are, or even that we should be. As tough as stumbling is, it gives us the chance to stand right back up and start again.

Why do you sabotage yourself?
Sometimes I don't realize what I am doing until after I have done it. I'm getting better at recognizing my triggers, and what causes me to want to self-sabotage. I think at the very heart of it, that I am afraid. I have been overweight for most of my life, and ALL of my adult life. I don't know anything else. So this journey is completely new, and sometimes a little scary. I worry about what my far-away friends think, or what they will say when they see me next. I worry about letting other people down, and letting myself down. If I wasn't changing, I wouldn't really have to worry about these things.

Why are you here anyway?
I'm here because I need to be. I have too many extra pounds that are holding me back from what I want to be doing with my life. I want to be healthy, and to live a healthy life. I want to be able to run longer distances, faster. I don't want to be a hundred pounds overweight anymore. I can't live like that any longer, and I refuse to.

If you’re making it, if you’re succeeding on this weight-loss journey, tell me why this time is different than all the others.
Having lost 46.5 pounds so far, I would like to consider that succeeding. And to be honest... this is the first time I've tried this. I mean, really, truly, tried. So there haven't really been any other times. Maybe half hearted attempts, or serious thoughts about trying... but not much effort. So I guess this time is different because I am putting in the work that I need to be doing, and I am believing that it will work.

Why are you going to make it this time when you’ve fallen short before?
See the above answer. I believe that I can do this. I know that I can. And I'm working really hard and refusing to give up, even when I have setbacks. I can't do much more than that.

Why are you going to keep it off this time when you’ve gained it back before?
Well, like I've said previously, I've never lost weight before. Okay, maybe 10 pounds or so... but certainly not 46.5. But I know I will keep it off. There is no way in hell that I am about to do all this work just to do it again. Plus, I love exercise. I get cranky when I don't get to go to the gym, or out for a run. That habit is firmly established, as is the knowledge that I am a runner, and will always be looking for new and longer races to run. Eventually, I will run a marathon, and probably not just the one. You can't be a serious distance runner and not care about what you are putting into your body as fuel. Right now, I'm better at the exercise part than the food part of this journey, but I'm working on it. This is a lifelong process, I know. But I'm only going forward now. I might glance in the rearview mirror now and again... but I'm never going back.

Why are you a different person now than you were before?
Because I care about myself now. I care about what I am eating, and I care about going to the gym. I am no longer blowing off the very concerning problem of my weight. I am actively doing something about it. I believe in myself, and I know that what I am doing is important, worthwhile, and achievable. I am excited about who I am and who I am becoming. That's all there is to it.

Haven't answered these questions yet? I highly recommend doing it, it's a great exercise. Jack's original post can be found here.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Snowy Friday Stats

It is snowing, but not enough for a snow day. Boo. But anyway, stats.

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 204.4

This Week's Weight: 203.8 (-.6)

This confuses me. I have hardly eaten anything this week.

But whatever. I'll take a loss. Much better than a gain! Even if it's only half a pound. I'm sure a lot of it has to do that I haven't been able to work out since Sunday. I did my 7 miles, and that's it for the week. I miss the gym! (I love that that is actually true! I do miss it!)

I am still feeling very sick. The worst (typical stomach virus) symptoms are gone, but I have a constant upset stomach, no matter if I eat nothing, or if I eat applesauce and bread. I can't win. I want to eat real food soooooo bad. I made lasagna last night for my housemate and it smelled so good. I was assured that it tasted good, too. Alas.

Well I've got to go get ready for the day. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A sure fire way to lose weight.

Yes, I have discovered the secret. It is not very fun. In fact, it is kind of painful. Here is what you need to do - come down with either:

A. Food Poisoning
B. A stomach virus

You can have all the water, gatorade, and cheerios you want, as long as you can keep them down. Go for it.

Needless to say, I have caught something. While my friends from church assure me that there is a known stomach bug going around the city, I am not convinced that it isn't food poisoning. Because I have had both before... and this feels more like food poisoning. Either way, though... yuck yuck yuck! I even tried going to work today, because I was really hoping that I would start feeling better by the afternoon. No such luck. After two hours, I still felt like crap and had no fewer than three people tell me I looked terrible and pale. So then I gave in and came home.

It was a good decision. I rested as much as I could, watched Fame (thanks, Carter, haha), and then popped in a Firefly disc, but fell asleep halfway through the first episode. Maybe I will finish it tonight. Or maybe I will take a shower and be asleep early, who knows. Right now I am concentrating on drinking lots of fluids (alternating sips of water and low-cal Gatorade, which is surprisingly good!), trying to eat a few Cheerios, and laying in bed. I am really praying that I feel better tomorrow. Not only would it be nice to go to work, it would be nice to try and get in some (albeit, easy) exercise. Plus, it was sooooo nice out today. Really beautiful. It would be nice to hang out outside!

So now that you know all about my stomach problems, here is my PSA for the day. WASH YOUR HANDS!!!! All the time. Whether this is a stomach virus or food poisoning, it probably could have been prevented by either someone else washing their hands, or me washing mine. It could be either, but I am pretty good at washing my hands. You kind of have to be when you work in childcare. Anyway, make sure you are washing your hands, and washing them really well.

Alright, that's it from me tonight. Hope you are all having great weeks!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I am bad at following up, haha.

I promised this picture a week ago, and never got around to getting it off my camera! But now I have! This is my scale in my bedroom, covered with sticky notes of good things I did last week. It is also a picture of books that I have posted on PaperBackSwap (in front of the scale) and other books that I love love love and am keeping in my bookshelf. Oh, and my weights are there, too, obviously. Anyway, I really loved doing this project, and might do it again in the future. It is such a good reminder that even when I slip up, I also have lots of successes every week. Thanks, Tiff!

Here is a picture of my friends Suzanne and Tanya, and myself from Saturday. We went to the St. Patrick's Day parade. We watched for about an hour, but when we realized that the parade was between 3 and 4 hours long, we decided to meet up with some other friends and get lunch instead. It was a good plan. And it was an awesome day! Lots of fun, great weather, great friends.

Today I had a 6 mile run. When I left the house, there were a few random flakes of snow falling, they were very small. This lasted for about half an hour. Then it became a full out snowfall. The snow fell until about 5 minutes after I got home after the full 6 miles. I am not even kidding. It was like it KNEW I was going to be out training, and the weather decided to make it more challenging. Really though, it actually didn't bother me too much. The run was a really good run. The only bad part was trying to keep my glasses free from snowflakes. I ran about 97% of the time, at a steady pace. The only times I slowed down were to walk out stitches in my side. Does anyone have good tips for getting rid of stitches? I only get them during my long runs... but I don't really know why. But anyway, really good run. It was fun, even though by the time I got home, my clothes were completely soaked! Hopefully next week it will be just a little bit warmer. Or at least not snow.

Well, I am going to bed now. DST is throwing me off. It's 11:30 but I am just starting to feel ready to go to sleep. Ack.

Friday, March 12, 2010


So, I wanted to post the pic of my scale from last week. But my boss just called me to come in early today, the earlier the better... so I'll post it tonight. In the meantime, here's the weight of the week!

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Weigh in: 208.6

This Week's Weight: 204.4! YAY!!!

That means I lost 4.2 pounds in the last two weeks. Is that awesome, or what?!?!?! That also means I passed 205.3, which means I get this beautiful little decoration:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I am SO HAPPY! Every so often, taking a break from the scale is really good for me. I focus more on what I am doing instead of what the numbers say.

I am so freaking close to 50 pounds lost. 4.1 pounds. I really believe that I will get this in the next two weeks. Or at least by March 29th, my 6 month mark. I would LOVE to weigh in on March 29th and have a number starting with a 1. How insane would that be. (Answer: VERY!)

Okay, well I have to go make breakfast, throw a lunch together, and hit the road. It's supposed to be Starbuck's day, but I may need to hold off until my lunch break for that. No matter what happens at work today... it will still be an awesome, awesome day.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

dear speed workouts,

I really thought I was going to hate you. But you are actually kind of fun. Even if I feel half dead when I am done.

Today I did 6x400. 400 is one lap around the track. I did that 6 times, faster than my normal pace, with short breaks in between to catch my breath. By the end of my training, I work up to 10x400. Crazyness! Even though it was a totally intense and hard workout, I really enjoyed it. I started my repeats at 5mph, and worked my way up to 6mph, which is really fast for me. I think next time I do one of these workouts I will go at 6 mph for each repeat. It was doable, which I was really surprised by. 5mph actually felt too slow to be doing speedwork at. Nice! Tomorrow I have 3 miles at a normal pace, and then lifting. I love lifting. I'm meeting with my trainer in a week and a half to go over my plan again and adjust weights/reps. I'm excited.

My discovery of the week is the Daily Plate program at It's a calorie counting program that really keeps track of all the important stuff including a nice pie chart for your daily protein/carbs/fat, and it also tracks sodium, cholesterol, sugars and fiber. You can also input your exercise. This website is SO MUCH EASIER than SparkPeople. Like, I actually look forward to tracking my food, instead of dreading the hassle that SP was bound to present me with.

Lastly, I will leave you with oatmealy deliciousness. I have had oatmeal (weight control maple brown sugar) for lunch three times this week. I'm loving it, because it totally fills me up and gets me through the whole afternoon AND my workout until I get home for dinner. I don't have to have a snack in the mid-afternoon. I mean, I could if I wanted to. But so far, I've been pretty good! I like to chop up most of an apple and throw it in there along with 12 chopped up almonds. Yum yum yum.

Okay, well it is time for me to go shower, and then I have some laundry folding to do. I always forget that I have laundry in the dryer until after one of my housemates moves it into my laundry basket. Whoops. Have a good evening, everyone! Come back tomorrow for my weigh in. Hopefully it will be okay, even though I had a bad eating weekend.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


After a nice looooong night of sleep, I feel like I am ready to go again. I am writing everything down and keeping track of my calories. I am hitting the gym after work tonight. I am upping my water intake and making sure that I'm getting my 64 oz. a day. Maybe all I needed was a night to get it all out, all my frustrations and anxieties, and then to let them go. I think 9 hours of solid sleep really helped, too.

So I'm back in the game now.

On a different note, I wore my 16s to work yesterday! They were still a little snug, but since I wear a scrub shirt over them when I'm there, they looked pretty good! I am hoping that by the time my mom comes to visit me (just under 5 weeks!) I will be ready to start shopping for 14s. That would be awesome.

Okay, time for me to go get ready for work! I hope everyone has a good day, today!

Monday, March 8, 2010


This is how I feel lately. Like I am being sucked up... maybe not by a chair, though. I am starting to apply for a new job. Not that I don't enjoy what I'm doing now, but once I use up my AmeriCorps award money, I won't be able to afford my loan payments with what I'm making currently. I worked all weekend this weekend at my second once-a-month job, and then my boss called me to come in early today. When I got there, as soon as I got in the room, she asked me how I was and I pretty much burst into tears. I couldn't even control them.

I am so tired. Working 12 days in a row once a month is starting to get old fast. Which sucks, because I really like my weekend job. And I want to do a good job at both of them, but I don't know if I can anymore.

My eating has been out of control these past few days, I've been eating emotionally, and I am currently very emotional. I don't feel good. I want to exercise, but I skipped my workout tonight because I am simply drained. No energy. I am going to get lots of sleep tonight and hope that I feel better tomorrow.

I know this sounds like a lot of complaining, and for that I am sorry. I just feel like I'm sinking fast and backtracking to where I do not want to go. Any words of encouragement or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mexican Pasta Vegetable Bake


3 cups rotini pasta, uncooked
2 jars (16 oz. each) thick and chunky salsa
2 cups Kraft 2% Milk Reduced Fat Sharp Cheddar Cheese, divided
1 cup nonfat cottage cheese
1 can (16 oz.) black beans, rinsed, drained
1 pkg. (10 oz.) frozen whole kernel corn, thawed, drained
1/4 cup chopped fresh cilantro


Cook rotini as directed on package; drain. Combine rotini, salsa, 1 cup of the cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, beans and corn. Spoon into 13×9- inch baking pan sprayed with no stick cooking spray; sprinkle with remaining 1 cup cheddar cheese. Bake at 375°F for 20 minutes or until thoroughly heated. Sprinkle with cilantro.

I got this recipe here.

I made this exactly as is, except for the cilantro. It didn't really need it. (Actually I forgot it when I was shopping, haha.) Oh wait, I lied. I did add half a teaspoon of cumin. This was a delicious casserole. The best thing is that this makes 8 servings, and each serving is 300 calories. 1/8 of a 9x13 casserole dish is pretty big! So there is lots of food for not too many calories. We also had asparagus. I simmered it for probably 7 or 8 minutes, drained it, put a little olive oil on it, along with some black pepper and parmesan cheese. DELISH!

In other cooking news, I made my first omelette this morning. I did a pretty good job, too, I was so proud of myself! Omelettes may be on the menu more often now that I know what I'm doing. =)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Catching up, Part 1

Okay, I have a lot to catch up on.

First, and this was not first in the order of things happening, but I am SO excited I had to tell you all. I had a major NSV this morning. I was kind of rushing figuring out what to wear to work today, and opened my t shirt drawer. At the back of the drawer was a college choir festival shirt that I haven't worn in years. It was small even when I got it. (It's a large, btw. A small large.) Even after my surgery, it still didn't fit. I would try it on every once in awhile, but it was not appropriate to wear in public, hahaha. But I put it on this morning... and it fits. It fits perfectly! I was so happy wearing it all day!

Let's backtrack now. I have been doing really well with training. I ran 3 miles on Saturday and 5 on Sunday. Monday was weight training. I missed my workout Tuesday, but I had an intense tempo run today. Tomorrow I have three miles plus weights, and on Friday I am going to a place that is just roomfulls of trampolines. Apparently it's a workout! So I will probably skip my Saturday run if I feel that it was enough.

I am eating better this week, and I kind of talked to my housemates about it. I think they will be okay when I occasionally make my own food. Tonight I am making a Mexican casserole and asparagus. Yum yum yum. (I hope. If it is good, I will post the recipe, as it is suuuuper easy.)

Annnd that is all for now. I will do awards and anything else I forgot about later.

Monday, March 1, 2010

just stopping by

Dear friends,

I am frightfully behind in reading blogs, and also with writing them. I have at least two awards to do that I haven't had the time for. I don't know when things got so busy this week!

Anyway, I just wanted to assure you that I haven't, in fact, been eaten by a dragon or forced to take a week long cruise to Jamaica. (Sad about that second one, I wouldn't mind a vacation!)

I love you, I miss you, I will be back soon... hopefully Wednesday... with a real update.