Sunday, November 29, 2009

One of these days.

If there is anything that I would love to do more than anything else in the world, it would be to make a living as an author. But dang if I can't finish a story for the life of me.

By my current count, I am working on four different stories. They are all at different stages of development. One is a little less than half done, two have less than 10,000 words, and one is just an outline. But they are all great stories. I'm thinking I may need to get a journal just to write down ideas in, so I can save them for later. I wish I had thought of the story that I just started yesterday back in October. It would have been so much easier to write than the one I originally tried to do. Ah well. I'm loving the story that I thought of yesterday, though. It came to me when I was on my walk, and I spent the whole next hour just walking and working it out in my head. The time went so fast.

But one of these days, I have got to finish a story. I am never going to get published if I can't have a finished product ready to send out for rejection. =)

In other news, my new friend Sheridan gave me an award! I have never gotten one of these before, so how exciting!

Here is what I am supposed to post:

The Rules & Regulations are as follows:
Each Superior Scribbler must in turn pass the award on to five most deserving bloggers.
Each Superior Scribbler must link to the author and the name of the blog from whom s/he has received the award. I got this award from
Thanks, girl! =)
Each Superior Scribbler must display the award on his/her blog, and link to The Scholastic Scribe, which explains the award.
Each Superior Scribbler must post these rules on his/her blog.
Each blogger who wins The Superior Scribbler Award must visit
this post and add his/her name to the Mr Linky List. That way, they'll be able to keep up-to-date on everyone who receives this prestigious honor.

So, with no further ado, here is my list of the 5 people I am passing this on to:

Monica at Confessions of a + Sized Girl. Because you are simply amazing.
Deb at Deb Will Be Thin. For your kind comments and support.
Stages of Change. I know I don't really comment on your blog, and I should. Your entries are real, honest, and challenge me. Ever since you left me my first comment, I have been a fan. I am inspired by your determination.
Izzybee at A Single Step - as easy as 123. Because you are my favorite newest friend on here. =) (Besides Sheridan, but she gave this to me, so I can't give it back, haha!)
Sarah at A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils. Simply because I enjoy your updates and can always find something to relate to.

So there you go. If you don't want to do it, I don't blame you, this took forever! Hahaha. Anyway, it's just nice to be able to recognize you all.

I hope you all had great weekends. Back to the old grind tomorrow morning. I better go get some writing done!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Stats: I don't deserve this.

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 223.6

This Week's Weight: 222.8

I did nothing to deserve a loss, even one as small as .8 lb. I barely wrote anything down this week, I felt terrible (actually, I still kind of do, my throat is killing me!), and my only exercise was a 3 mile run last Sunday.

The only thing I can think of is that now that I am on this whole healthy living track, I'm doing better subconsciously. I know how to not stuff myself, even at our Thanksgiving last night, I ate an appropriate amount of insanely delicious food. I have had a couple mini-binges, but they were nothing at all like eating a pizza, a pint of ice cream, and a bag of goldfish in one sitting. It was more like I ate 3 90 calorie granola bars. Which isn't good, but it also isn't the end of the world. I'm getting better.

So there you have it. A completely undeserved .8 lb loss. I can't tell you how thrilled I am. There are no words. And I'm also completely excited for this next week, and getting back on track.

I am super excited for the rest of today, too. I am meeting up with my friend (and one of my former roommates) Emily, who I went to college with. She lives in the same city as me, but with her getting a double masters degree, and me working and staying busy in the evenings, we don't see each other much. We finally caught up online last week and planned a day for ourselves. We are going to meet up this afternoon for coffee, and then we are going to go see New Moon together. I am so, so, happy to be spending the afternoon with Emily. I honestly cannot wait, and I know I will have such a great time.

And that's it for now. Hope you are all having great long weekends. =)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

trying to be thankful

It's a hard thing to do when you wake up Thanksgiving morning and find out you have been denied health insurance. My next step is to see if I can get on the insurance plan where I work. I have been there for 90 days, so I am eligible. It is also hard when you are having an off week. But here goes (in no particular order):

-I am thankful that Kate and Holly will be here for dinner tonight, and that we have festivities planned. They are having salmon, I am having steak. We will also have peas, rolls, mashed potatoes, and a sweet potato/lentil dish that Holly is bringing. For dessert we are baking apples. Lastly, nothing rounds out a good Thanksgiving dinner like a Zac Efron movie. (17 Again.)

-I am thankful for bad weeks. Because now I know just how great the good weeks are, and that it is totally okay to enjoy them as much as I have been. I know this is a long journey, and in the end, the bad weeks aren't going to define it. They are just something to learn from and get through as best you can.

-I am thankful for supportive friends, and for running. I am running another half marathon next year and I won't be doing it alone. Even if I come in dead last, knowing I have the support and strength of my friends to get me through is amazing.

-I am thankful for my family, especially my mom. I don't think there is anything more I can say about this one. They have helped me out time and time again, and I simply could not do this without their support.

-I am thankful for Trick, my hamster. Yes, he tries to bite me a lot. But he also entertains me with his antics, and that is a huge stress reliever. Also, he is really cute.

-I am thankful for the writers of all the blogs I follow, and everyone who leaves me comments. Seriously, I started crying yesterday reading all the comments on my blog that I wrote when everything felt like it was going wrong. Thank you for your kindness, your support, and your advice. You all are wonderful, and you are all such a help in this lifelong process. I love reading your entries every single day, even though I don't always comment... I want to do more of that. =)

And that's it for today. I have to clean the kitchen/dining room/living room before starting to get stuff ready for dinner. Luckily we are fairly neat and this job includes throwing away junk mail, sweeping the floors, loading the dishwasher, and mopping. Won't take too long at all, especially with some good tunes. I was planning on going out to Walmart at 4 AM tomorrow because I wanted a $9 copy of Star Trek. However, a friend pointed out that I can get it on Amazon for the same price. Even if shipping is a little extra, it's probably worth it to not get out of bed in the middle of the night and drive 10 miles. Oh, and I won't risk getting trampled.

So, my friends, Happy Thanksgiving, and if you are going out tomorrow morning, please be safe! (And have fun!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This post is a pity party. Skip if not interested.

The reason I haven't blogged much this week is because I haven't been having a great week. I am really struggling bad with both my eating and exercise. It just doesn't seem to be clicking this week and I am totally puzzled and frustrated with myself. I have been eating things I really shouldn't, such as the two pieces of pumpkin pie I had last night. Even though everyone else had two pieces too, that doesn't mean that I had to. (There were 7 of us, we ate a whole pie. Granted, it was the best pie ever - we made it completely from scratch: crust, roasted a pumpkin, etc.) But none of those things should have influenced me to eat two pieces. I should have just had one and been able to stop. And I felt bad about that as soon as I finished the second slice. Argh.

What do you all do when you get into these slumps? What brings you out?

I am looking forward to my four day weekend. I'm hoping I can get some exercise in tomorrow before weigh-in on Friday. (Which is not going to be pretty, btw.)

I'm kind of bummed that Thanksgiving isn't going to be a big thing this year. Most of my friends are either going home or going elsewhere in the state with friends or relatives. There are like 3 of us who have no plans. Being that I am the only meat eater, I am not going to cook myself a turkey. I just really like Thanksgiving, and I'm sad that this is going to be the first year that is really super low-key. =(

Okay I have to go get ready for work now. Even though I'm going in early today, at least there are only going to be like 5 kids. And two of them will be going home early.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Running and other stuff.

I went running on my usual walking path today. I ran about 3 miles. It felt so good. And by felt so good, I mean it kind of hurt and was really hard!!! But I'm really happy I did it. I don't have any races lined up for the rest of this year - no turkey trot or Christmas race or anything like that.

However, last night at my friend Kiri's birthday party, she asked if I was planning on doing the Colfax Half Marathon again this year. We both did it last May along with a handful of other friends. For me at least, it was terrible. I had a really hard time finishing, and only finished about 15 minutes short of the cut off time. I was hurting really badly by 7 miles into it, and it took all that was in me to get to the finish. I want another go at it. So I told Kiri yes. She said she wanted to as well. Now, the nice thing about the Colfax Marathon/Half Marathon is that if you register early (before January 15th) you can register a friend for free. So Kiri is going to register herself for $50, then I will get the friend for free code, and register myself, and cut Kiri a check for $25 bucks. You simply cannot beat a $25 half marathon. That is a fantastically awesome deal. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to it, and I know that this year will be much better than how last year turned out.

Also at Kiri's party last night I got a nice handful of compliments on how good I looked and that everyone liked my bangs. So that was just really nice to hear, and a great confidence booster. It's funny about my bangs... they really do make me feel great about myself. Every time I look in a mirror or catch my reflection in a pane of glass, I feel happy, beautiful, powerful, confident. It is truly amazing what a great haircut can do.

And now for something completely different: Do you take vitamins? My mom suggested taking B Complex, and I just started and I loooooove it! I checked with the pharmacist at Target to make sure it was okay to take it with my prescriptions, she said it was fine. Even only taking it twice so far, I have a little more energy. The bottle says "Helps convert food into energy." Which can only be a good thing. There is also some Vitamin C in the ones that I bought, so I am sure that is good to get a little extra of as well. Anyway, do you take B Complex? Do you take other vitamins? What do you think?

Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Stats: Yessss!!!!

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 227.4

This Week's Weight: 223.6 (-3.8)

That means total weight loss so far is 26.7 pounds. WOW! I am so so happy. I have officially blown past the 25 pound mark, which means I am also 25% DONE with my 100 pound weight loss goal. Now, I know that I am going to have a little farther to go after I hit 100 pounds lost. I'm 5'4", and not planning on stopping at 150. I'm sure I'll have at least another 10-15 pounds to go after that. But 100 pounds is definitely my biggest goal.

Let's talk about one of my other goals for a second. When I started this journey on September 29th, I set a goal to lose 30 pounds by Christmas. I am now within 3 pounds of that goal. I am pretty sure I can lose that by the end of THIS month, or maybe the first Friday in December. So my new Christmas goal is 35 pounds. Might as well challenge myself, right? I think I can do it.

As far as exercise goes this week, here's the stats:

30 Day Shred DVD: 2 times
Walking minutes: 95 (went twice)

So that's my Friday. I am so super pumped to be 223.6. I honestly can't remember the last time I was this weight. It was probably in high school.

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Just what I needed.

So today I went for a walk instead of doing my DVD, and it was exactly what I needed to get my head back in the exercise game. It was refreshing and fun and totally lifted my spirits. I feel a lot better having done it.

This is kind of a big week for me, because I am hoping to hit (or go over!) the 25 pounds lost mark. I need to lose 2.1 pounds this week to make it happen, and I think I can do it. Calorie counting is going great and I have exercised several times and I hope to go out again tomorrow and get another walk in before weigh in on Friday. I only have two more days before weigh in - and it seems like last Friday was just yesterday. So those are my thoughts on this week's weigh in. I'm excited for it.

In other news, I don't know if you all know this, but I did a year long AmeriCorps program last year. It was a year of volunteer service, and I loved it. One of the nice perks of volunteering for a year is that AmeriCorps will give you an education award if you qualify and fill out lots and lots of paperwork. Well, after months of waiting, I FINALLY got my award! So now I can start paying off my loans, which will be a huge relief. I am so behind.

Well, it is time for me to shower, pack a lunch, and head to work. See ya!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

HYC Check in

On the whole, healthy living is going okay.

I have been keeping a food journal for over a week now, and my average calories per day is 1,359. So that is awesome. My goal is for 1,500, but honestly, I'm feeling good about what I am eating. I have hot chocolate pretty much every day, but I also have tons of healthy foods like Cheerios, apples, yogurt, soup, cottage cheese, chicken, carrots, etc. I have plenty of energy and I don't feel hungry, so I think I will just keep on with my current calorie intake and give myself 1,500/day, but I'm not going to feel forced into using all of them. I am also not going to feel guilty about going over a little.

I have discovered many new snacks:

-rice cakes with low fat cottage cheese and garlic powder and dried basil (My new fave! YUM!)

I have had no problems writing things down, and I actually kind of look forward to it everyday. Part of me loves to be very organized. Other parts of me don't clean my room.

I did so great on exercising last week. But for some reason, this week is not going so well. I don't know if I'm getting sick (oh please, no), or if I just overdid it last week. But it didn't feel like I did. Anyway, I tried to do my DVD this morning, and it was just not happening. I have a rule that even if I don't feel like it, I have to do at least 5 or 10 minutes, and if I'm still not feeling it, I can stop. Usually, after 5 or 10 minutes, I am fine and go on with the workout. Today, that was not the case. It is really frustrating, because I love working out and I really want to do it. But there is not a whole lot I can do when my body won't cooperate. Tomorrow I think I am going to try walking and give myself a break from the DVD. Maybe I just need to mix it up.

That is all from me for today, I think. I am making pancakes for dinner tonight for my housemates, so that will be good, even if I can only have a couple. They will be delicious, and I will enjoy them. =)

Monday, November 16, 2009

Love this song.

I love this song. I found Lenka (the artist) on iTunes, when it
recommended her based on one of my previous purchases. Anyway,
this song has just really stuck in my head. Love love love it.

Also, I have an email address for this blog now! It's:

So feel free to drop me an email about anything. =)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun and the future.

I decided on a haircut as a reward several weeks before I actually made the weight. Now that I have achieved that goal, it is time for a new reward to work towards. I decided that my next goal is 40 pounds lost - that means a weight of 210.3. And my reward is going to be a Philosophy bath/shower gel from Sephora. They have some that smell like things such as candy canes, pink frosted layer cake, cocoa, pumpkin pie, mimosa, champagne, cinnamon buns, etc. And they all smell sooooooo delicious. Plus, it's better than eating all those things, right? Haha. But they also have the gel in the scents of their perfumes, which is what I use. (My personal favorite is Amazing Grace.) I am not sure which I will pick... I guess I will just have to wait for the day that I get to go... which will hopefully be sometime in January.

This has been and will continue to be a busy weekend for me. Yesterday I had my haircut and then I worked out. Then I made my way to Holly's and we took a walk in the rain/snow. My pants were very wet at the end and I had to borrow some sweatpants of Holly's while I stuck my jeans in her dryer. The rest of the afternoon was spent preparing for and then celebrating the engagement of two of my fellow volunteers from last year. It was a lot of fun, and a very exciting time. I resisted the most delicious looking cupcakes in the world, but I did have a glass of champagne with some raspberries. Yum. I would never turn down champagne.

Today I had a rough time getting up, and I really struggled through my workout with Jillian. I don't know what was going on. I know I did not drink a ton of water yesterday, and I did stay up kind of late last night. So that could be it. But I finished, even if it wasn't very good. Then I threw some clothes in the wash, as all my jeans are dirty, and took a shower. Next up is stopping by Target for some new hair stuff, then grocery shopping for the house for the week. I am thinking about going somewhere this afternoon to work on writing, but I haven't decided. My heart just isn't in it this year, and that is killing me. I want so badly to win NaNoWriMo again, but I just never feel like writing. I kind of feel like exercise and working on my eating has taken over my life. I spend so much time writing/reading blogs, reading labels, writing in my food journal, exercising to my DVD or running or both. I just don't know what to do.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Haircut Pic

I got my hair cut this morning. It was my reward for 20 pounds lost, which actually happened last week, but I couldn't get an appointment that worked for me until today. I woke up at the crack of dawn and made my way to the salon, which was glorious. (And by salon, I do indeed mean beauty school, but DANG are they good!!!)

Anywho, I kind of took a risk and got me some bangs. They are fairly long. My mom was laughing at me on Skype because I haven't quite learned to control them yet and they kept falling in my eyes. I have since worked out and showered, and then styled my hair again. Hairspray seems to help a little bit. I think I need some more products... Target, here I come!

Here is a picture so you can see what I had done. I had about 3 inches cut off total, except for bangs, which are obviously shorter. What do you think? Personally, I am completely in love with it, I think it's so so cute!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Stats

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 229.4

This Week's Weight: 227.4

So that is exactly a 2 pound loss. Pretty awesome, if I do say so myself!!! I am very happy with that.

30 Day Shred: 6 times
Running: 30 minutes

I had full intentions of doing the Shred and then going for another run this morning. Then it was foiled by my boss calling and asking if I could come in at 9 instead of my usual 11. BOO. So much for my personal time. I am going to be doing my Shred this evening, but I'm not going to do the run - it's just not safe to run after dark in my neighborhood. Alas. I am going to try to get a run in tomorrow, but I'm not going to stress if I can't. I have a haircut at 8:30 (yay!), and then I am going to meet my friend Holly later in the afternoon and we are going to go for a walk. So I know I will be getting my exercise in.

Well, I had best go eat breakfast and get ready, since I need to leave early for work. At least it is Friday and the weekend is in front of me. =) I hope all of you have awesome weekends!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Scary dream!

So I had a dream last night and for some reason, I was just eating bags and bags of Skittles. It was kind of scary.

I don't even really like Skittles all that much.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Identifying the Lies

We had a really interesting conversation in my Depression class on Monday. We were talking about the scripts that are in our heads. Think about it. What do you constantly hear in your head? Is it positive? Is it negative? Personally, most of my scripts are negative.

I'm not smart enough.
I will always be overweight.
There is no way I can do this.
I will never be able to run a marathon.


How many times have you thought to yourself "Why can't I get my head straight? Why am I so hard on myself?"

Here is the answer. You might not be the one that is being hard on yourself. It might be something else.

Another question: Do you believe in evil? It doesn't have to be in a religious sort of way (ie. Satan, or the Devil), but just evil sprits/forces in general. Personally, I do. I know there is evil in this world that is actively working against us.

And those evil forces are really good liars.

These evil forces are lying to us. They don't want us to succeed. So, the next time you hear a negative thought running through your brain, take the time to identify it as a lie. If you are faith-inclined, make it a prayer. "Jesus, that is a lie!" Or just say it out loud. "Something is trying to tell me that I can't lose this weight. That is a LIE! I can lose this weight, by eating healthy and exercising."

The most important thing in this practice is to be consistent. Whenever you hear those lies in your head, identify them, and speak out against them. Eventually, they will not happen as often. The better you get at identifying them, the more they will just disappear.

So that is what I learned this week. I don't think I worded it as well as our instructor, but I did my best. I hope this helps someone, even a little bit.


In other news, I am doing so well. I am racking up the NSVs this week, let me tell you. Today after my workout with Jillian, I decided to go out for a 1/2 hour walk. It was the perfect plan... except it didn't work. I ended up going for a 1/2 hour run. WHAT?!?!?!

Let's back up for a second. The last time I really ran was my half marathon back in May. Historically, when I take months long hiatuses from running, it has always been super hard getting back into it, and it takes a few weeks before I can even run a whole mile without stopping to walk or wanting to die. Today I ran 1.72 miles. Without stopping. Because apparently I can. I guess losing 20 pounds and working out (walking and doing my DVD - that's it), really has upped my endurance. I hope this translates to easier hiking next summer, too.

Anyway. I let Jillian kick my ass for 22 minutes then went for a run. What have I become? I don't know the answer to that, but it felt pretty dang good.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I miss walking. (And other various thoughts.)

I've been doing the 30 Day Shred since Saturday. I love it. I can feel the changes that are happening and I'm very slowly being able to do a few more jumping jacks, or a few more butt kicks, or a few more lunges/bicep curls. It feels amazing, and I am reminded of this throughout the day when I move around and can feel the ache in my muscles.

But I haven't walked since I started 30DS. And I really miss it! So I'm trying to figure out how to work it back into my routine. I don't want to skip days of the Shred, at least until I have done it everyday for a whole month. I like doing it every day. But I don't have the time to do both the Shred and go for an hour long walk. I'm thinking that my best bet would be to do the Shred, and then go out for a 1/2 hour walk, and do a longer walk on the weekends. I'm also thinking about starting up running again. Perhaps I will work that in too.

I don't think I have ever been this obsessed with exercise! But I can't get enough of it now. Despite how hard it is, and how much I sweat, as soon as I'm finished with the Shred every morning I start looking forward to the next morning. I just feel so good about myself.

NSV - The other day I needed to get my clothes out of the dryer. I didn't want to put my sweaty workout clothes back on, so I grabbed a pair of shorts and a sweatshirt and threw them on. Now, I have had these shorts for awhile but I have worn them maybe once, because while I could get them on, I often felt like they were trying to squeeze me in half. Very uncomfortable. But now, they are perfect! Not exactly flattering, but they fit! I slept in them last night, and then just changed my shirt to work out this morning. I have not worked out in shorts in, well, a long long time. So that was just really fun.

I started a food journal yesterday. I don't know what made me think of it, other than the fact that I will try to justify calories to myself, even when I don't know exactly how many I have already eaten. So now I am writing everything down, and keeping track of my calories. For example, here is my breakfast for today:

1 Cup Cheerios with 1/2 Cup skim milk: 140
1/2 banana: 60
scrambled egg + extra egg white: 101
TOTAL: 301

That was a delicious breakfast, by the way. I highly recommend it.

I think that was most of what I wanted to post on. I do have one more big post coming up, but I need some time to get the right words for it. It is about what we talked about in depression class last night, that I think will really help in this process of losing weight as well. So look for that tonight or tomorrow! Happy Tuesday! (At least it's not Monday anymore! Hahaha.)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Lots to update on... but not tonight.

I have a ton of stuff to update on, but I am trying to make myself go to bed earlier, so I am not going to do it tonight. But hopefully over the next few days I will get it out. Today was really good. I accomplished quite a bit, learned a lot, and felt good about myself. Anyway, sorry this is so lame, but I wanted to remind myself that I have much that needs to be posted. =) Come back tomorrow.

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I promise that not all entries are going to revolve around the 30 Day Shred. Maybe once a week, or when I move up a level.

But I just had to say that I have not felt so sore upon waking up since May, when I ran a half marathon. Even my chest was sore this morning. I laid in bed for about half an hour debating whether to get up and do the Shred again, or to rest and sleep some more.

I got up. I shredded. It hurt. But then when I stopped, it felt amazing. I laid around for awhile afterward and waited until I stopped sweating before showering. (Did you know you are supposed to do that? If you shower while you are still sweating, the sweat can get clogged in your pores. So always wait until you are no longer sweating before showering!)

In NaNoWriMo land, I am behind on my word count. However, I did a few thousand words last night, and will try to do the same this afternoon. Then after work, I am going to see The Time Traveler's Wife at the cheap theater, by myself. Since I worked all weekend at my second job, going to the movies is going to be my "weekend" before going back to work at my first job, tomorrow morning.

That's all I've got for you today. I am very much sore, and steps are not my friend. I tried going upstairs on the stairs after the Shred and almost threw up, no joke. Then I took the elevator back down, hahaha.

I hope you all had great weekends!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

What is it about weekends?

I don't know what it is about weekends, but for the past month or so, they make me really want to binge. Is it the fact that I am not as busy as I am during the week? Am I more bored? Am I more lonely? Do I think that since it's the weekend that I should be allowed to kick back and be more lax?

I think this last one is one of my key issues. I feel like I should be able to relax and do (eat) whatever I want on the weekends. That kind of thinking is just frustrating and wrong.

I'm not following a terribly restrictive eating plan. If I want some chocolate, I budget for it and have it. If I eat a piece of pizza, I don't need to feel guilty if I'm also having some veggies and a piece of fruit. I do try and keep my calories to about 1,500-1,600 a day. Sometimes I go a little over, but most days, I do really well staying in that range. I am not hungry all the time. (You can eat a LOT of healthy food for that many calories!!!)

But it is so hard to deal with these cravings which I do not want around anymore. I know that food is not the enemy.

However, I also know that food is not my friend. Food will not give me a hug if I'm having a bad day. Food cannot hang out with me and listen to me. Food will not offer constructive alternatives to problems in my life.

GO AWAY, CRAVINGS. You are NOT WELCOME here anymore.

Anyway, now that that's out of the way, I got my 30-Day Shred DVD in the mail yesterday. I did it for the first time this morning. Oh boy. I couldn't even do the whole first workout all the way through. I think I did pretty well for my first time though. I can already tell this will be a great complement to walking. My muscles feel a little tired now, but I bet they will be even more sore when I wake up in the morning. And lucky me, I get to do the whole thing again tomorrow! By the way, jumping jacks? Really hard!!!!! I am going to stick with the first workout until I can at least get all the way through it, which might take a few weeks. I can definitely see myself sticking with this DVD, as I loved the fact that it was only 20 minutes. And I was still sweating 15 minutes after I had finished it, haha. My goal for tonight/tomorrow is to get out and get some hand weights that I can use instead of canned peach pie filling...

Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Stats: Astounded.

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 233

This Week's Weight: 229.4

HOW THE HECK. I ate quite a bit of candy. I only exercised once, so I'm not even going to bother putting that down. I have no earthly idea how I came away from this week with a loss, much less a loss of 3.6 pounds. This puts me officially over the 20 pound mark, which means I'm going to get my hair cut this week! Wahoo!!!

Speaking of exercise, I would not have gone out at all if it wasn't for Monica. She left me such a sweet comment on my last blog, about how I inspired her to go walking. I am pretty sure no one has ever said such a thing to me before, and I was so pleased! I then realized that in light of this past week, I was not worthy of such kind words. So I decided to lace up my shoes and go for a walk. It was the least I could do. And it was a wonderfully lovely walk! I have been laying in bed most mornings feeling exhausted and tired, and I went out and walked anyway, and it was such a good decision. I felt a lot more like myself after that walk, and that is something that I really need to remember.

Well, I think that is it for this update. I am still in awe of the numbers. I am going into this weekend with a renewed sense of energy and commitment. Bring it on, next week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love Jillian.

Seriously. I wish I could just have her around all the time.

On a similar note, The Biggest Loser makes me cry every freaking week. Especially this week, when Abby went home. Sad day, but dang, she looked good when they caught up with her! Reminder, don't tell me anything about the one that was on last night - Hulu is a week behind, so I don't see last night's episode until Monday.

Back to Jillian... I am listening to an old podcast of hers... very interesting! I also ordered a used copy of her 30 Day Shred DVD. I'm super pumped to get it. I can't deny the appeal of getting in a workout in only 20 minutes or so.

This week has been a little insane for me. Both Monday and Tuesday I got 6 AM calls asking me to come to work at 8:30 instead of 11. I did, both days, so I had really long work days.

I am learning a lot from my depression class. This is a class that meets once a week and we talk about depression, how it affects us, how we manage day to day, etc. It's a nice support to have, and I like the teacher and the other two people in the class. It's a small group, and that is a lot easier for me to feel comfortable talking with.

I am plugging along on my novel for NaNoWriMo. I am slightly behind on word count, but I will catch up this weekend, for sure.

This week hasn't been great. Like I said, I binged over the weekend, and some of that bled over into the week as well. It has been getting progressively better every day though. I am getting back on track slowly but surely. In the long run, one week isn't going to kill me. I have no illusions that I'm going to have a loss this week on the scale. Heck, I would actually be surprised if I did - I will not be surprised if I stay the same, or even gain. We'll see. I'm not going to stress about it. This is a process, not a quick fix. A bad week will not screw me over for years to come, unless I repeat the bad week every week for years. Which I'm sure as heck not going to do.

Well, I think that's all I have for tonight. If you notice I'm not posting as much this month, it's because in addition to all the other stuff I do, I'm writing a novel. =)