Wednesday, June 3, 2015

I'm going hiking!

I've kept this blog active because I like reading posts by my favorite friends and bloggers, though I obviously haven't been making updates myself.  Part of me really wants to get back into blogging regularly... and another part doesn't really care. Haha. 

So, I thought I would do a post.  Can't promise there will be more... but maybe!

I have spent the last year and a half working incredibly hard to get out of debt.  And I did it! I'm DEBT FREE!!! Which is a truly remarkable thing to be.  I'm so very happy and proud of myself for working hard towards this goal and finally reaching it.  No more loans! No more monthly payments! 

It has been a long process, in which all of my focus and intensity were on paying off my debts.  I didn't have much of a social life, and I didn't spend much time working on other parts of my life. 

That said, I feel like I am finally ready to work on my health and fitness again.  Now that one big project is over, I am craving another challenge, and I'm ready to get back into improving my health.  I'd also like to have more of a social life again!  I won't spend a lot of money on it, but I can certainly do more than I have been the last year or so. 

I am going hiking on Sunday with a group of people I met at my previous job. I have been hiking with them before, but it's been a few years.  This Sunday's hike is about 5 miles long, but it isn't too difficult.  I think it will be a good "re-introduction" into hiking, as I haven't been in quite some time.  

I also have a group of friends that does evening hikes once a week.  I am planning to go out with them next Tuesday evening.  I don't think this will be very difficult or long, seeing as it is an evening hike after work on a weeknight - we won't be going too far into the mountains at all.  

I'm really excited to start hiking once or twice a week! My plan is to keep it up all summer.  I need to go to REI tomorrow or Friday and get a new backpack, as I don't have one right now. Preferably one with a water bladder included.  Luckily I have about $150 in gift cards plus my dividend to spend - and that should MORE than cover a new backpack.  My hiking sandals should still be in great shape, and I have plenty of workout type clothes I can wear to hike in.  I probably should find my poles... I think they might be in my front hall closet. 

Anyway, that's what's been going on with me!  How have you all been?

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  1. Congratulations on being debt-free! I'm sure it was a long journey, but I'm so proud of you for sticking to your goals. I'm glad you're enjoying your financial freedom, Kaitlin. Not everyone is as patient as you are. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your celebratory hike. Be careful and share the adventure with us! All the best! :)

    Naomi Cruz @ 4Pillars