Monday, June 8, 2015

getting back into it

I ordered a new scale - it should arrive tomorrow!  It's the most popular scale on Amazon, so I'm thinking it should be good.  Anything is better than the scale I have now... I replaced the batteries, I keep it in the same place, and still it will give me wildly different readings on back to back tries.  It's also 6 years old so for a $20 scale, I probably got my money's worth.

I got in touch with my dietitian and we have a phone meeting scheduled for Saturday morning.  She made a plan for me last fall and shipped me the info, but we never had our phone meeting.  So we're doing it now!  Glad to finally be getting in touch with her.

Also on Saturday, I have a date.  A blind date.  However, it's also a group date, so my friend and her husband will also be attending.  I haven't been on a real date in AGES. So I'm kinda nervous.  I'm worried he is going to take one look at me and be totally uninterested because of my size right now.  And I know if he does that, then 1. his opinion is not my problem and 2. he's not the right guy for me.  But I still can't help being a little nervous.  Even if I don't hit it off with this guy, at least it will be a chance to see my friend! That's what I keep telling myself.

Who knows though, maybe he will be really cool!  Just going to have to wait and see.

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