Monday, June 15, 2015

full of la folie and jamming to sam hunt

Well friends, it's Monday night and I've got the better part of a bottle of La Folie in me.  And when I say "the better part" I really mean everything but a few more sips in my last glass.  And dang, was it good.  (If you don't know what La Folie is, you are missing out.  Best Belgian Sour Ale from New Belgium Brewery. YUM.)  Definitely not on the plan.  Don't really care.

In other news, my date on Saturday went really well.  Better than expected, though I didn't have a ton of expectations anyway.  If one of your friends wants to set you up on a blind date, suggest having that friend and their significant other come too.  Best date I have been on in a really long time.  It wasn't too awkward, because with my friend and her husband there who knew both me and the guy they were setting me up with, there was no lag in conversation.  We had a really good time.  And we've got a second date planned.  Just me and the guy though. :) Next Tuesday seems really far away.

I also went hiking again this weekend!  It was about six miles.  We saw tons of wildflowers, and the weather was once again perfect.  It tried to spit on us a few times but we never got more than a drop or two of rain at a time the whole time we were on the trail.  I'm still really struggling with the uphill sections.  Downhill or flats I'm good with for days, but uphills, ugh.  I'm hoping that as I continue hiking and getting in better shape they will get easier.

This song is my jam right now.  Sam Hunt, you can sing to me all day long.

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