Monday, February 20, 2012

upset and mad

I have had such a rough time with this tooth. It was a little less than 2 years ago that I first started having problems with it.

I was supposed to go in today and have my crown glued back on again. I talked to the receptionist on Friday and she was going back and forth on what time my appointment for today was. FIrst it was 2, then it was 1. I finally got her to CONFIRM that it was, in fact, 1:00.

I get there at 1 this afternoon. And the office maganger says, "Oh but your appointment isn't until 2! Everyone is on lunch break from 1-2." REALLY. REALLY!?!?!?!

I was so upset I pretty much just burst into tears in the lobby of the dentist's office.

They were very apologetic and told me I could wait and hang out in the lobby. I did for about 10 minutes and when I still couldn't stop tearing up, I just left. I told the one person who was still there that I would call back after 2. I just couldn't stay there anymore.

Then I went to Ikea. And bought a bunch of stuff. Most of it is stuff I need... a few things were impulse purchases. But I still didn't spend too much. Yay Ikea.

Did a little bit of stress eating... but I was also starving, since I hadn't eaten in 5 hours. Had a slice of pizza and an Ikea cinnamon roll. However, I am ALSO going to be hitting the gym hard tonight. 30 minutes on a treadmill to start 1/2 marathon training, and then I'm going to get into one of the spin classes tonight.

I'm upset about my tooth. But I think what is bothering me more is that I am upset because I am losing someone who used to be a really good friend. It is unbelievably hard to let go of a friendship that just last year I valued so much. I am also upset because I am really struggling with my feelings about my church, and feeling very hurt by some people there.

I am glad that I am writing blogs again though, instead of binge eating. Because I could have binged really badly today.


  1. ugh. I want to strangle your dentist. and I can't believe anyone would want to let go of such a great friendship >:( and I'm sorry about the people of your church who are being jerks :(

    I love you!! big hugs!! tell that treadmill and that spin bike who is boss tonight! when so many other things are out of control, it's good that you can have control over something!

    1. Yeah, I cannot WAIT until this crown business is over. You better believe I have a new dentist all lined up. Got a local recommendation and everything.

      And thanks. I love you too! Let's not ever break up, okay!?!?!

  2. I would be raging! And probably did the same thing you did! UGH!

    What plans are you following for your half? I need to start planning my 10 miler!

    1. I am using a plan that I found on It's been a long time since I've really ran, so I'm kind of using the easiest plan I could find to ease myself back into it. What 10 miler are you doing?

  3. It was the perfect storm, Kaitlin. I've been there with about everything you listed, going on at the same time. I ate to cope, even (or maybe *because*) it was physically painful. Sigh. But we have a better comfort, and I pray Christ be your comfort through every tide of life. I bet that exercise will help!

    1. It really was. The dentist was just kind of my breaking point and I lost it. =( Thank you for your prayers! I'm doing my best to lean on Him, even though I've been feeling kind of abandoned lately. I'm hanging on though.