Saturday, February 11, 2012

spinning and pancakes

Got up a little early (okay, like 8:30 - early for a Saturday) and made it to the gym just after 9 to sign up for the 10 AM spin class. I also signed up for next week's class, so I don't have to come an hour early. Since I had an hour to kill I went over to Target and grabbed a water bottle and some towels... for some reason I could not find either of my regular workout towels. Oh well... now I have 2 new ones to add to the rotation.

My housemates got to the gym just before 10. Mike went to go do who knows what, and Suzanne came to class with me. It was SO GREAT to be back in spin class. Since it was the first time I've done it since November, it did hurt a little, but it wasn't completely unbearable. Once we were about 20 minutes in the endorphins kicked in and I felt AWESOME! So glad I got up and went this morning. It was totally worth it. It's also great knowing that I got my workout out of the way first thing.

With such a great burn, I could afford (calorically) to come home and splurge a little. I made half a batch of blueberry pancakes and topped them with peanut butter, and a syrup that I made. I had a ton of blueberries, so what I didn't put in the pancakes, I threw in a small pot, and added a snack sized cup of Dole Pears in pear juice. Then I just brought it all to a boil and let it cook down. It was SERIOUSLY tasty... here is a picture:

(not pictured: 2 pancakes that made up the rest of the batch)

The rest of the day... I am hopefully going to get some laundry done, and then I am babysitting tonight for my former personal trainer's kids. One is 9 or 10, and the other is just a baby... so that will be super fun.

How's Saturday going for y'all? Any good workouts planned - or done?

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  1. Awesome, Kaitlin! I've always wanted to spin and even thought about getting a bike for home . . . this time last year. =)

    Pancakes, peanut butter, and blueberries are three of my most favorite foods, ever! I found some fresh blueberries $1 a pint last week, so I had pancakes with blueberries and pb yesterday.

    God bless, and best wishes!