Saturday, February 4, 2012

Oh hey... I'm back. =)

Hey everyone! If you are also following me on MFP, I am going to be posting the same blogs both places. Just an FYI! Oh, and HEY I'M BACK!!!!

I spent 6 months in 2009 and 2010 losing 50 pounds. Then I got a new job, lost my momentum... and in the following months, gained everything back... plus a few pounds. It was, and is, so frustrating.

One thing my counselor asked me a few weeks ago was "What was different then from what you are trying to do now?" Thinking about it, there were two things that really stood out to me. ONE was that I was writing this blog. TWO is that apart from moral support from my blog followers and a few close friends/family, I was doing it on my own. I worked out on my own.

Is that a really big difference? I don't know. Once I got my new job, I also started working with a trainer. And I did not lose weight working with her - I gained weight. While I also got a LOT stronger... I should have been losing, not gaining. I wasn't eating right and that really screwed me up. Even having another, trained, person there helping me... something didn't click. Then I worked with a trainer at my new gym (as of fall 2011), and it still didn't feel right.

So, I am kind of wondering if this isn't something that I need to do on my own.

I'm not talking about support - or even tracking calories. I love all my MFP (and Blogger!) friends and it would be SO much harder to go through this process without you all.

I DESPERATELY need to start working out again. But I don't think I need to work with a trainer. That thought is kind of a relief.

I started thinking about this all because I took the BodyBugg that my trainer lent me back to the gym. One of the guys at the front desk was glad to see me and asked where I had been, and I explained that I have been pretty sick these past couple months. He asked me if I was going to start training again and I didn't even really need to think about it. I just said "You know... I don't think so." And of course he asked why (cause it is his job to sell the packages, haha) and I didn't really explain. I just told him I was still kind of sick and not ready.

Trainers are great resources, and lots of them help lots of people lose lots of weight. But so far, they haven't been totally right for me. I would love to work with one when I get close to my goal weight, and I may work with one for a few sessions later on to set up a weight training plan. But that's it.

I have to trust that I can do this all again, and I have to trust that it is going to be okay to do it on my own. I'm kind of excited about it. I'm going to take the next week or so to work out outside - walking, getting my distance built back up to 2-3 miles at a time. Then I'm going to start training for the Colfax Half Marathon in May. Once I start feeling a little better I'll head back to the gym and start doing spinning classes and maybe some other stuff as well. But with the fact that I am still not feeling even 75% yet, I'm going to ease back into things.

I'm also going to start writing blogs again. =) I know I owe you guys a FitBit vs. BodyBugg write up - see the blog posted after this one!


  1. Well, HELLO THERE!!! So glad you are back to writing!

    1. Hi friend! I'm glad I am back to writing too. I guess it helped me more than I ever thought when I was first doing it! =)

  2. Great to see an update, Kaitlin! Lord willing, I hope we get many more. Go you! =)