Saturday, February 18, 2012

catching up

Hey everyone!

I meant to post more this week and I just didn't get around to it. Especially yesterday... weigh in day. Let's just say, I had a couple bad days this week, and I was up a little. However, I weighed in again this morning and was slightly lower than last week's weigh in. I decided that I will wait and weigh in on Monday. By then, it will be a more accurate, and hopefully lower, number.

Made a cheese quesadilla this morning and then headed out the door to spin class. I never ever ever thought I would love spinning as much as I do. It is SO much fun. We had a little glitch in class today, the music system decided to quit halfway through. The majority of us decided to stay though, and our instructor did a great job making the rest of the class just as fun and maybe even more difficult than the first half. Signed up for next week's class while I was there. But hopefully I'll get to the gym again before next Saturday.

I am always jealous of the people who sweat so much they leave puddles on the floor. It's gross, to be sure. But you can tell they were working hard. And I work so hard, and I can never do that. However, when I get in my car to go home and lean back... yep, I can feel that my shirt is soaked. The sweat just never made it to the floor, hahaha. I really don't know what the point to this story is. I like sweating?

Agenda for the rest of the day is LAUNDRY (my least favorite chore... ugh), tidy up my room after laundry, grocery shop, a quick pit stop at Bed Bath and BEYONNNNDDD for something that will make my sheets stay on my bed and not slide off, aanndd catch up on my hulu shows while I do my chores.

I suppose I better shower first. But then it is off to tackle the rest of the day. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

(P.S. Anyone else have a 3-day weekend? LOVE government days off.)

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