Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think one thing that has helped me get back on track is planning. I plan breakfast the night before usually (I am not a morning person, so if I don't plan it I will just eat anything), and then I put together lunch and snacks for the day. As soon as I get to work in the morning I log on to MFP and log all my food except for dinner. Dinner is usually less planned, but I am more in control at night and will choose good things for the most part.

I am not a huge fan of cooking, and I do eat a lot of frozen meals. I have recently discovered the new Lean Cuisine Steamer Bags. They are really tasty. I am not being paid to say this, they have no idea. But wow... they just do not taste like your normal frozen entree. YUM YUM!

As long as I am telling you about newly discovered foods, Lucerne (is this only a Safeway brand?) has limited edition yogurts out that taste like gingerbread, caramal apple, and pumpkin pie. Also delicious.

Lastly, don't let me forget to post the recipe my mom emailed to me for mini quiches. They are awesome, and I have been sandwiching them in an english muffin for a super quick breakfast sandwich. I will post it tonight or tomorrow!

So are you a planner? Or do you just go with the flow?


  1. I am definitely a planner. If I am left to my own devices, I will eat and eat and eat without any thought to the consequences. It isn't pretty.
    Those yogurts sound delicious. I'm going to have to look for them. I love the Yoplait dessert flavors - banana cream pie and black forest cake are my faves.
    I saw those lean cuisine steamer things last night, but didn't try them. Maybe now I will.

    Thanks for checking on me after my gang encounter, btw! I'm still alive. :)

  2. I am a planner to some extent. I am still learning the ropes. Hope to be a good planner someday! I usually forget finer details when planning so the planning fails :(

  3. 'If you fail to plan, you plan to fail' I love that quote because it's true. If I don't plan.... I walk out of the house without breakfast.... or even a planned lunch... and I think I'll just pick up something later... and then the next thing you know you are so hungry you could eat a horse.... and make bad decisions.... Can you tell I've done this before?