Tuesday, September 14, 2010

small changes

A big part of why I have been struggling these past months is, I believe, because I stopped taking my depression meds. BAD idea. I get to a point where I am doing well, and think I don't need them anymore. But that's not true. I am just doing well because they are working and doing their job. But now I am back on my meds, which I feel good about. I am far better able to make good decisions when I am taking them. Also, I have more energy and desire to get exercise.

Speaking of exercise, this morning I signed up for a program called "Move-tober." For four weeks in October, I am supposed to track my milage and my minutes of walking. The goal is to rack up either 600 minutes or 45 miles. (You have to choose between walking, running, or biking.) There are prizes at the end, and you can win prizes based on your designation. I am sure that I will spend a lot of my milage running, but I picked walking, as I am more likely to do that. Since I am just now getting back into running after I broke my toe, I don't want to set a milage goal that I can't acheive or that is likely to injure me.

I know I am not going to like what I see on the scale on September 20th. Why? Because I haven't done any of the things for the "No Numbers" challege after the first few days. However, I know that whatever I see on the 29th will be less than what I started with last year on the 29th when this journey began. That, I can feel good about.

My plan for the rest of September is to get a head start on a healthy October!


  1. Good plan on getting a head start on October. No need to wait until then when you have NOW!! You can do it!!