Monday, September 13, 2010

peach trees

I have two peach trees in the yard at my house. One is GIANT, and is producing some seriously delicious fruit. (I still cannot fathom that I am going to be eating FREE peaches for as long as they last. SO cool!) The other tree is little, and its peaches are just starting to look like they will actually ripen.

I have eaten... a couple peaches today, and made a peach crisp. Which I also ate like a quarter of. Hey, it's dinner! Tomorrow, my housemate Suzanne, a few of her friends, and I are going to make all manner of delicious peach things. Vodka, jam, butter, chutney? I think? I am also going to make freezer jam. Some for me, some for Christmas presents.

The bowl up top is just what we picked today, plus I took about 1/2 of that amount over to the neighbors house.

Peaches are delicious! Especially when you have them growing in your yard and can eat them pretty much off the tree.


  1. WOW!! Send some my way. I love peaches, and really wish I had a peach tree right about now. I am very jealous of you. Enjoy the season!!

  2. So Jealous :) Enjoy your peaches!