Monday, September 27, 2010

need advice, especially from runners...

So here is the deal. Last spring, I signed up for a marathon on October 17th. (Denver Rock and Roll.) After breaking my toe at the end of July, training was O-U-T for 6 weeks. I kept working out with my trainer and doing a very little non-impact cardio, as a lot of it hurt to do for awhile. Obviously, I could not train up for a full marathon, and I downgraded my entry to the Half.

I have not trained for the half either, and now it is 3 weeks away. I have been training twice a week with Janel, and am finally just getting back into the groove of doing cardio on my own - but none of it has been running.

I have done 3 half marathons before. I know the distance well. HOW bad of an idea would it be to do this race with little to no running training? (Or whatever running I can get in for the next 3 weeks...) As far as fitness goes, because I have been working really hard with Janel, I have not lost much, if any, fitness. In fact, I probably have more muscle than I have ever had.

I feel like I could do it - get out for some runs before the race, probably none over 7 or 8 miles though. And I know that I don't have to run the whole thing, in fact I am sure I wouldn't. I'd be happy to walk half of it and run half of it. I just LOVE the experience of being part of these big races.

So... do you think this is a crazy idea??? Let me know, please and thank you!!!

(p.s. I haven't posted since weigh in, but in case you were wondering, everything is going great! I have been tracking calories on My Fitness Pal and have been under every day since I started! I am very excited to weigh in later this week again, especially since I get to exercise more this week!)


  1. I think that the distance should be respected Not training could potentially be a disaster. Are you willing to get hurt and be sidelined again? Good luck with your decision!!

  2. I would try to get a 10 mile run in sometime in the next week. If you can complete it, then do the race. If not, then I would sit this one out. You do not want to get injured and be out for even longer.

  3. I'd be tempted to do it, but definitely not run the whole thing. If you are okay with just experiencing it and walking a good chunk of it, go for it.

    If it was my toe and it was fully healed and I had the green light to run again, then I'd probably do it but I would limit myself in the amount of mileage I'd actually run.

    So I say do it but with some limitations. Take your camera, like a good camera, and take a ton of pictures. Like this guy:

    I ran that and that runner's selfless act will forever be appreciated by SF Marathoners, myself included. So maybe you could do something like that, a photo essay.

  4. LB, that is a BRILLIANT IDEA!!! I think that is what I will do. I don't have a big camera like that guy, but I my little digital is pretty good. I will get in whatever training I can in the next two weeks without overdoing it, and plan to go out on the 17th and just have fun. It is the 1st Denver Rock and Roll event, so perhaps I will be the only one with a photo-log of it. =)

  5. Cool! Glad you liked the idea! I thought I'd do the same at some point but really you'd have to be okay with running a race to experience it and not meet any sort of time goals or whatever other goals. Not quite there yet, I enjoy the racing part of races too much.

    And if the pictures turn out great, and you post it here on your blog, you will get a lot of traffic. That's not a bad thing either :)

  6. I like the idea of walking it and taking lots of pictures.