Monday, September 20, 2010

i need friends!

Okay, so I got a MyFitnessPal account last month... and then didn't use it. But I am starting today tracking my food and exercise on there, and I need some friends! My user name is kaitimae, if any of you have an account, can you find me? Or tell me how to find you? I am new to this site still, and haven't got it all figured out yet. Thanks!

Even though I did not really do the "No Numbers Challenge" like I had planned on doing, I weighed in this morning. I am up to 230.2, which is +3.8 from last month on the 20th. NO THANK YOU, SELF. That is just awful. Hence, starting to track food and exercise online, where I hope to have a few friends who will help keep me in line, and let me support them as well.

Also, I'm reinstigating Friday weigh-ins. Every Friday, unless I am on vacation with no access to a scale. I stopped because I was going through a lot with changing jobs, and the stress of it was overwhelming. However, it just led me to having ZERO accountability... which every single one of us knew would happen.

I'm going on a walk once I get home from work today. I haven't exercised outside in who knows how long. Perhaps I will take my camera and snap some pics to prove I went. =) Have a great Monday everyone - despite a crappy weigh in, I am super glad it has kicked me back on plan!!! (Also, big thanks to my meds, which are also helping me be positive and proactive!!!)


  1. I don't have myfitnesspal or I would be your friend :) Good luck using the scale. I am throwing mine out again :)

  2. Awww thanks! =) We will just be friends here! I think the scale is best for me right now... we'll see in a few months how it's going though. =)

  3. I just sent you a request on MFP. I am not home, but I am not looking forward to my end of challenge weigh in. Ek! More later..

  4. I'm your friend, MFP, blogger, or anywhere. Go girl! xo