Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i get to be a mom this week

As of 11 AM this morning until late late late on Friday night, I get to play mom. I am taking care of 4 kids (for the few hours I have them all), but mostly it is 2 or 3 I am watching at any given time. I get to pick them up at school, take them back in the morning, pick them up again, shuttle the older ones to and from soccer practices. (Yes, not only do I get to be a mom, but a soccer mom... haha.) I am a little nervous, but also excited. It will be fun to hang out with these kids for the next few days. Also, this family referred ANOTHER family to me, so now I am up to 3 families that I babysit for. Is it weird that I am 25 and babysitting? Am I the oldest babysitter ever?

I got out for a walk on Monday and worked out with Janel yesterday. Eating is also going well, and I have been tracking calories on My Fitness Pal, which is like Facebook for fitness. I am loving it over there! All in all, I am feeling good, and like I am on track. I still desperately want to eat the chocolates on my desk... but I will not do it.

Work is stressing me out like crazy... there is SO much going on, and it is hard to keep track of it all. Plus my boss is very dramatic, which I am used to dealing with, but it makes me want to stress eat SO BAD. And I'm not doing that anymore. Working out really helped after yesterday's workday, but with kids to pick up from school tonight and the next two nights, I have no time to workout. I know this family has cable though, so maybe after I get them to bed I can do some of the exercise videos that are On Demand. Or maybe I will grab my Shred DVD when I stop at home to get my meds. I am going to need to do something, I think.

What do you all suggest?


  1. Wow. Sounds like a very busy, active schedule! And I am glad you are loving MFP, it has been a great tool for me!!

  2. sounds like a plan, Kaitlin! it's good to be back reading you, and i love your background!