Thursday, September 9, 2010


1) Post who gave you this award: Thanks so much to Sabrina at Life Is Not Always Black & White and to MargieAnne at nothingistoohard. I got this award months ago... but it is ALWAYS a good time to be happy! As much as I have been struggling lately, I think a positive attitude is what is keeping me from totally throwing in the towel. Thanks for the award, ladies. =)

2) State 10 things you like:
  • Exercise. I will drag my feet about it until I finally step up onto the treadmill, but I secretly do love working out. I love sweating, and feeling my muscles get stronger. I especially love sessions with Janel, because I leave feeling like Jello.
  • My job. It can get crazy busy and a little (okay, a lot) stressful, but I love it. I have great coworkers and wonderful volunteers that I get to see every week.
  • My neighbors. They are just genuinely nice people. I enjoy having friends that live next door, who are okay with me coming over to chat a few evenings every week.
  • Mountains. I don't think I will ever be able to move away from the mountains. They are just so beautiful, and provide endless places to play! (Or, you know, hike. Haha.)
  • Scotch Tape. I don't know why.
  • Breakfast foods. Waffles, scrambled eggs, cereal, cream of wheat... I love it all. I will eat breakfast foods for any meal, given the chance.
  • Autumn. While I do love Spring and Summer for their warm weather, I think Fall is my favorite season. I love the bite in the air, and being able to wear jeans and a sweater.
  • Books. I don't know how you people with Kindles do it. I love being able to collect and read physical books. I love how books can take you out of this world and deposit you in another, even if just for a few hours.
  • Football. I think this goes along with Fall being my favorite season. I love watching a good football game, especially if I am there in person! (And even more especially if it is the WOLVERINES!!!)
  • Music. Going to concerts, or just jamming out to iTunes in my room... I love me some good music.

3) Give this award to 10 other bloggers and notify them with a comment:

I'm cheating on this one. I don't have time to pass this on to 10 people, so I'm only passing it on to 5. Feel special, you 5! Haha.


  1. That is too funny! I don't know how people with Kindles do it either!! I have to have books sitting on myself! I am weird like that too, but glad I am not alone!

  2. thanks Kaitlin :) I'll get to work on this right away!!

  3. oh and Kindles do not have that old-book-smell or new-book-smell... they just smell like that chop suey you spilled on it in your backpack last week... or plastic... whatever...

  4. Thank you!!!! I'm the exact same way about the kindles - I just don't get it!!