Saturday, August 21, 2010

Challenge Day 2... and hiking pics from today!

So... day 2. As dumb as this is, I took today as my 1 day a week to not track calories. I know it is only day 2. But it is SO hard to track calories when I am hiking. We all share snacks, we eat things off bushes, we go out to eat at hole in the wall Himalayan restaurants. So it's a day off. Tomorrow will be back to the grind once more. On a good note, I have had lots and lots of water today!

I'm beat, and I have a ton of stuff to do here, mainly, clean my room. So I shall leave you with lots of pictures from today's hike, mostly wildflowers.

Beautiful pink wildflowers.

Neat looking tree.

I "antiqued" this with iPhoto.

Spooky trees.

Lovely purples.

Wild raspberries eaten off the bush are calorie-free, right?

A neat broken sign post in sepia tone.

Such lovely colors!

Red Indian Paintbrush flowers with mountains in the background.


  1. Wow! Such pretty pictures. Its okay to take a day off of calorie counting when you are hiking. Hiking is an amazing workout! Where do you hike? When I go to Italy to visit family, I try to hike at least once a week.

  2. Thanks! Yeah it was a good solid workout - we hiked for about 3 hours! I live in Colorado, so all over in the mountains. I am part of a hiking group at work that goes out at least once a weekend, sometimes twice. I go when I can, and today was my 2nd time out with them. I'm hoping to go next Sunday again, though!

    You get to hike in Italy! Lucky you! I was there for a few days for vacation once, and just loved it - we were in Florence. I did not get to hike then, though.

  3. I have always wanted to visit Colorado. One day!! A hiking group is probably like our surfing group, or year round soccer league. That is awesome though.

    I am lucky enough to travel to Italy because my mom moved from there about 38 years ago. All her family is still there. So that is pretty awesome. Florence is a beauty. My family all lives alone the Italian Riviera.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! It sounds like it was a fabulous day.