Monday, August 9, 2010


I am SOOOO excited for this weekend. This Saturday, along with my housemates and a friend, I am going to hike some 14ers. We are doing Grays and Torreys peaks. They are about an hour from Denver, which means we don't have to camp out the night before - we just need to leave early in order to ensure a good parking spot. (And a good parking spot means the difference between a 9 mile round trip and a 15 mile round trip.)

I am confident that I can summit at least one, if not both, of these peaks. I have been out hiking this summer and did well, even at 12,00o+ feet. I will bring lots of water and snacks so that 14,000+ is doable. I even got new clothes today! I went shopping at REI and came away with a membership, a pair of gray capri length hiking pants, and a white North Face hoodie that was on sale. Good deal. I am wearing them around the house now... they are so comfy... hehe. Thank you, REI, for having size 16 pants.

I cannot wait to go play in the mountains. I have not done enough of it, even living as close as I do. I just love being in nature and surrounded by beautiful scenery. My camera can't wait either. =) Hooray hooray hooray!!! I am so happy and excited for this weekend!

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