Tuesday, August 24, 2010


After a long day at a social media conference, I did not have very many calories left to play with for dinner tonight - only about 200. So I got creative, and made an incredibly delicious omelette! Here's what was in it -

4 egg whites
1 oz light brie cheese
half a small tomato chopped up
garlic and herbs Mrs. Dash
1/4 cup salsa

It was sooooo good. In addition, I drank only water all day even though I was very tempted by the sodas at lunch. I also worked out with Janel. All in all, it was a good day. Janel did ask if I wanted to do measurements, and I said no, let's wait awhile since I just got my eating back on track. I don't know guys - something clicked with the start of this challenge. I am SO happy to be back on track, finally, finally, finally! I'm not thinking about how much I have to lose, just working on eating right, getting my exercise, and drinking mostly water. The rest will fall into place.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Day 3, checking in.

Well, I did not exercise today, since I hiked for like 3 hours yesterday. But eating has been great (1,617 calories), and I am drinking my water. I might make some tea in a bit here. It is pretty hot, but I'm getting a little bored of the plain water. And I'm not a huge fan of iced tea. We'll see!

I spent most of today going to church in the morning, and then cleaning my room and watching a lot of TV on my computer this afternoon. I'm working on laundry now, and I might even do some dishes. We got a new stove this weekend (had a gas leak a few weeks ago on the old one), and it has been soooooo nice to cook things again! So far I've made spaghetti, scrambled eggs, and cheese quesadillas. And I can say it is a very nice stove. It even came with a broiling pan! I am so excited to broil things! Steak... fish... yum.

That's all I've got tonight. See you all tomorrow. =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Challenge Day 2... and hiking pics from today!

So... day 2. As dumb as this is, I took today as my 1 day a week to not track calories. I know it is only day 2. But it is SO hard to track calories when I am hiking. We all share snacks, we eat things off bushes, we go out to eat at hole in the wall Himalayan restaurants. So it's a day off. Tomorrow will be back to the grind once more. On a good note, I have had lots and lots of water today!

I'm beat, and I have a ton of stuff to do here, mainly, clean my room. So I shall leave you with lots of pictures from today's hike, mostly wildflowers.

Beautiful pink wildflowers.

Neat looking tree.

I "antiqued" this with iPhoto.

Spooky trees.

Lovely purples.

Wild raspberries eaten off the bush are calorie-free, right?

A neat broken sign post in sepia tone.

Such lovely colors!

Red Indian Paintbrush flowers with mountains in the background.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day one

I am wrapping up Day 1 on the new challenge. So far, I feel that I have succeeded, though I cut it close with the calories today!

Calories Consumed: 1,695 (Trying to stay between 1500-1700, so just eked in under the line.)

Exercise: 1 hour on the treadmill on "Calorie Burn" mode, which switched up the ramp the whole time. I burned 545 calories, according to the treadmill. I'll take it!

Water: So far, I have had 4 full water bottles (so 96 oz. total) as well as a glass of water at breakfast. Yay!

The rest of the evening will be spent showering, maybe watching a show on Hulu, and getting ready to go hiking tomorrow morning with my work group.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Challenge beginning!

Today marks the start of the challenge I discussed in yesterday's post. (Go look! There are hiking pictures there, too!)

Here are my starting stats. Then I'm putting the scale and the measuring tape away for a month until the last day of the challenge on September 20th.

Weight: 226.4
Waist: 42
Hips: 51
Calf: 16.5
Thigh: 27

I didn't really feel like doing any other measurements. I think those will be fine. So there you have it. Not in a good place weight wise, that is for sure. But, it is a good starting point for a challenge such as this.

I am off to a excellent start this morning with raisin bran, skim milk, and key lime yogurt. Now I must go to pack my healthy lunch and my gym bag!

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A new challenge, and Grays Peak pictures!

Let's start with the pictures! Here is a picture I took at the very start of the hike. You have to get over a bridge and turn a corner before you can see these guys, but really, we hadn't gone far at all before we could see them. The peak on the left is Grays, and the peak on the right is Torreys. Yes, they are just as far away as they look. From where this pictures was taken, it's just under 4 miles to the top of Grays.

This little guy is a Pika. They are super cute. They are kind of like real, live, squeaky toys. They squeak all the time, and I took it as a personal challenge whenever I heard a squeak to look around to see if I could find the Pika. I found this one!

And also this one, with the crazy eyes. I don't know if you can really see it in this picture, but he was collecting food or grass or something.

Okay, okay, back to mountains. I was fairly high up when I took this one. Just a lovely picture of the valley below!

Cool looking rock formation.

The view from the summit! Pictures will never do it justice. As soon as I got to the top, I nearly started crying. It was just so incredibly stunning. I have never seen anything quite as beautiful.

More valley! If you look closely, you can see the path... it's the tiny white line snaking about the middle of the picture, then you can follow it along the right side of the little hill there.

Here is a picture of Torreys peak from the summit of Grays. I did not have the chance to go over there, but I'll get it next time!

A nice man agreed to take a picture of me at the summit! I am exhausted and windblown, but I have to say... I've never felt as strong as I did when this picture was taken.

Now onto the challenge part of the post. Lindsay of Prior Fat Girl fame was challenged by one of her readers, and she extended that challenge out to the rest of us. And I think it is a great idea to jump into! I'm in the process of getting back on track, and feeling pretty good about it, but who can't use a great challenge? And this will be a challenge. Here are the rules that Lindsay is going by, with my tweaks and specifications in bold.

1. On Day 1, weigh in, take measurements, and then put away the scale and the measuring tape for one month. So the challenge is going August 20-September 20.

2. Stay within your calories 6 days a week. My calorie goal is between 1500 and 1700 per day.

3. Drink only water. (No diet soda.) I am all for giving up the soda, but I am allowing orange juice and skim milk in addition to water. Water will be, however, probably 90-95% of what I drink.

4. Work out 4-5 days a week.

5. At the end of the month (September 20) weigh and measure again.

So there it is! I will be checking in tomorrow morning with my weight (it's gonna be ugly, folks, be prepared!) and measurements. I'm getting really excited for this challenge. I am so, so ready to be back on track.

Goodnight, my friends! Sweet dreams of mountains and pikas to you all!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

i am alive

I am still here. I have been so busy at work lately, and then I come home and crash. I watch a show or two on Hulu and hit the sack. This weekend was especially busy.

On Saturday I went out with two of my housemates and we went hiking. I summitted my first 14er, Grays Peak, in 4 hours and 30 minutes. My housemates did both Grays and Torreys in that same amount of time, but I'm not trying to worry abut how fast or slow I was. I climbed a freaking 14,000+ foot mountain. It was awesome. I have a ton of pictures and a 360 degree view from the summit video that I will post later this week.

Saturday night, Sunday, and Monday I spent hanging out with my brother, who was in town for a few days before heading back to Michigan. It was great to see him. We kept busy watching movies, swimming, grilling, hot tubbing, and watching more movies. Oh, and going out to eat at the AMAZING breakfast restaurant Snooze, in Denver. Probably the most delicious food I have ever eaten. Ever. If any of you ever come to visit me, I will take you there.

Speaking of eating, today at least, is going well. Having Janel's support is so great, I honestly can't even tell you. She is worth far, far more than I pay. She is giving me recipes when we meet again on Thursday. She is my main motivation to get back on track. I want to do well in personal training - and I am. But I would be doing so much better if my eating was on track. Today, finally, I feel like I have it together again.

I had some raisin bran for breakfast. A handful of nuts for a midmorning snack. And for lunch just now I had a Lean Cuisine, a yogurt, and will eat a banana here in a few more minutes. I am feeling very proud of myself today!

That's all for now, I guess. I have to get back to work! I will try and get pics up tonight or tomorrow. =)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I think I am dehydrated. I have been really terrible about drinking my water for the past week, and I have been feeling very blah and tired. And I think it is because I need more water. Yes indeed. So I am filling up on it now! Especially with hiking coming up this weekend, being hydrated is essential. The more I can do to avoid altitude sickness, the better, I say.

I really didn't have much else to update on besides that. I have personal training tonight, I am going to ask to do weights. Just because I always need a day or two of recovery from weights and I don't want to wear my legs out on Friday before a 9 mile, (hopefully ) 2 summit hike.

Monday, August 9, 2010


I am SOOOO excited for this weekend. This Saturday, along with my housemates and a friend, I am going to hike some 14ers. We are doing Grays and Torreys peaks. They are about an hour from Denver, which means we don't have to camp out the night before - we just need to leave early in order to ensure a good parking spot. (And a good parking spot means the difference between a 9 mile round trip and a 15 mile round trip.)

I am confident that I can summit at least one, if not both, of these peaks. I have been out hiking this summer and did well, even at 12,00o+ feet. I will bring lots of water and snacks so that 14,000+ is doable. I even got new clothes today! I went shopping at REI and came away with a membership, a pair of gray capri length hiking pants, and a white North Face hoodie that was on sale. Good deal. I am wearing them around the house now... they are so comfy... hehe. Thank you, REI, for having size 16 pants.

I cannot wait to go play in the mountains. I have not done enough of it, even living as close as I do. I just love being in nature and surrounded by beautiful scenery. My camera can't wait either. =) Hooray hooray hooray!!! I am so happy and excited for this weekend!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

buddy taped

Don't you think this whole healthy living process would be a lot easier if we were all buddy taped together? You would never ever be able to sneak ice cream or get away with not going out for your daily walk. Yes, it would make some things easier, having someone to look out for you. It could also make it a lot more annoying.

Speaking of buddy taping, yesterday was the first day I made it all day with my toes taped together. The whole first week of it being broken, I could not stand to have things touching the toe. I would walk around the office without shoes because it was more comfortable than having even the littlest part of my shoe touch my foot. But since I can now effectively buddy tape it to the toe next to it, I say my toe is on the way to healing. Hooray!

I changed my registration for the race in October to a half marathon instead of the full. Still a little bummed about that, but I guess it just wasn't my time. Now I'm looking towards the spring for a full marathon. I am also planning on doing a Triathalon next summer... Janel and her other clients who did the Tri on Sunday convinced me. I'm doing it.

What with not being allowed to run for the next month, I'm struggling to get in my exercise. I still work out with Janel twice a week, and she accomodates my toe very well. I just can't do things like mountain climbers. (Nor do I miss them...) Other than that, I can bike, do the elliptical, and swim. My gym has no pool, so that leaves the first two. I am working a fundraiser tomorrow through Saturday, so my plan is to be in the gym at least 4 days a week after this weekend. 5, if I can swing it time wise.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and got $86 of all organic groceries. I got a lot of food, too! It should last me at least a week and a half, if not 2 weeks. I am excited to start making the switch to only organic food. I know I won't be able to control what I eat when I go out, but at home and at work, I am really working on making the healthiest possible choices.

That's it for now, everyone. Thanks for all your wonderful comments lately! I know I need to reply to a lot of you still! Going to try to by this weekend!