Wednesday, June 16, 2010

just thinking

I am really loving Jillian's new show, Losing It. I watched the most recent episode this morning on Hulu, and it's had me thinking all day. If I really loved myself, I would be taking better care of my body. I would be eating healthier and exercising more. But as you all know, I've really been struggling with that lately, although I do think I'm on the right track to regaining the momentum I had before this ridiculously long plateau.

Personal training today was awesome. My limbs feel like jello. And I really love Janel, my trainer. She is so easy to talk to, and she really pushes me. Which is what I'm paying for, haha. I'm going to be sad when this round of training is over if I can't afford more. Maybe I will be able to, maybe not, who knows. But I am loving it so far. It's another thing that has me thinking though... I am paying for training to be stronger, and help me lose weight. And anything I do contrary to that, like putting junk in my body, is basically screwing myself over. Going to training is making me really think about my nutrition priorities, I must say.

If I'm going to do this... personal training, as well as marathon training... I need to do it right.

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  1. Hi Kaitlin, thanks for stopping by my fitness blog today (Fitness: A Journey, Not a Destination.) Thank you so much for your honest and insightful opinion about depression and medication. I think we learn so much from listening to others opinions, especially those who have experience.

    I too work with a trainer and feel like it's worth every penny. It can be a sacrifice financially, I gave up things I didn't really need like pedicures and going out to dinner every Friday night. A small price to pay for good health.

    Thanks again for stopping by.