Wednesday, May 26, 2010

redefining my goals

Tonight was my first official session of personal training, in which we mostly did fitness testing.

Before we did any of the tests, Janel took measurements. She did caliper measurements on 7 different parts of my body, and took a bunch of girth measurements as well. We didn't do anything with these numbers until the end of the session. Next were the fitness tests.

First we did sit ups. I was a few below average for my age. Then we did pushups. For someone who has never done a pushup ever, I did 18 in a minute. And I am STILL feeling it! Haha. I was a little more below average on these than the sit ups. However, Janel did say that I had very good form, and that is really good to see, even though I am below average on reps! After that, we did a flexibility test, which I was still slightly below average on. Ah well. Next we did a heart rate test on the treadmill, spending 2 each minutes in increasing heart rate zones. So for 2 minutes my heart rate was between 110-120. Then I spent 2 minutes between 120-130. And so on, until I finished with 2 minutes at about 165ish. This was my favorite test... because I got to run on a treadmill. I am good at that. =)

Then after cooling down we sat down in the office and she did all sorts of calculations with the measurements. This is where redefining goals comes in.

According to the caliper tests, about 126 of my current ~200 pounds are lean muscle. This is apparently very good! After doing some calculations for my goal body fat percentage (24-26%), my goal weight is... 170.

While part of me is disappointed that I may never reach 100 pounds lost, most of me is relieved. For one thing, that means I may only have about 30 pounds left to lose instead of 50. Also, I mentioned that it seemed to me to be a high number for someone who is as short as I am (I'm 5'4"). Janel assured me that yes, I may be shorter, but I just naturally have a more muscular build, and to get much lower than that weight, I would be losing muscle mass, not fat, and that isn't a good idea. I can't argue with that. Even if caliper tests have a little bit of a margin of error, I doubt that it would change my goal weight very much. Maybe 5 pounds, at most, is my completely uneducated and random guess.

So I may never weigh less than 165 or 170. I think I'm okay with that. It might take a little getting used to. I can't deny the fact that being at goal weight by the end of the summer would be amazing. And, I think, attainable.

I was also surprised that my goal calorie intake for the day should be around 1850. I am excited that part of this training package includes working with Janel on food as well. She is sending me info for the website she and all the rest of her clients use for tracking food and exercise, and then she will be able to see what I am doing and make suggestions. I think I am getting my money's worth, that's for sure.

Because we are both very busy next week, our next session is scheduled for Friday, June 11th, with a possible session before than on the 9th, if she has time. We are going to try to get in two sessions a week, but if there are some weeks with just one, that will be fine too. I am pretty good at staying on track as far as exercise goes.

I am really, really excited about training this summer. I think with Janel's help, I will reach my goals faster, and stay more motivated as well.

Things are looking up! Now I am off to have a quick snack (it's 9:45 already? EEP!), a shower, and bed!


  1. i'm glad you've got a personal trainer and that you're getting so much out of it. you've worked so hard!

  2. wow, great job on the pushups!

  3. Well... they were the "easier" kind of pushups, I did have my knees on the floor. =) But I was still surprised I managed 18! Pushups are hard!!!

  4. Hummm, maybe your body has been trying to tell you it needed more calories.