Sunday, May 16, 2010

race report, and way too much tmi

5:00 AM: Why the heck am I up so early? What if I were just to go back to sleep? Nah, I guess I will get up and get ready.

5:45: Breakfast of a banana bread oatmeal bar with peanut butter, and a glass of orange juice. Out the door at 6 with my backpack.

6:25: Wow, is the bag-check line ever long!!! I hope I'm not here forever...

6:35: Suck down a gel and find the 14:00/mile pace corral. Stretch a little, keeping moving, as it is COLD and I had to leave my fleece in my backpack.

6:45: Start time! After this, it's all by the mile.

Mile 1: Carter and Kate, my housemates, were waiting at Mile 1 and were cheering for me! It was so nice to see them, even for a few seconds.

Mile 2: This is where the first clock was. I hit mile 2 at 29:30 and kind of freaked out that I was going so slow, so I picked it up a little. Then I remembered that 29:30 was the gun time, not my chip time, as it took a few minutes to get over the start from the last corral. Stopped freaking out. Kept the pace up though, as it felt good and was fairly easy to hold.

Mile 4: Time for another gel. This one started to give me a bit of an upset stomach. I was drinking my water and everything, but for some reason, despite the fact that they worked perfectly during training, my stomach was rebelling. I was pretty gassy for the next few miles. Sorry, people running behind me. Time check: 54 something, I think.

Mile 6: Time check: 1:21 something. Not bad. Picked up the pace again. This is when it really hit me how much better I was doing than last year. Last year, at 6 miles, I was already feeling bad. This year, I felt great, and spent the next few miles passing quite a few people. Not that I wasn't passed myself, I was. But I was doing very nicely keeping my pace up and feeling good about it.

Mile 8: Took another gel, my last. Refilled my water bottle with several cups from the nice volunteers.

Mile 9: Oh crap. My stomach is not happy with me. How long is it until the next port-a-potties?

Alert: Extreme TMI to follow.

Mile 10: YES! Port-a-potties!!! Never thought I would be so glad to see them. I sure did learn my lesson about checking before going in though. By the time I realized there was no toilet paper, it was too late. I thought for a minute, then did what any logically thinking, self-respecting runner would do. I took off my underwear, used them to clean up, and then threw them into that nasty blue water type stuff. Finishing the race commando was actually not bad at all. Perhaps even more comfortable... Told you, way too much TMI. Next time, I'm packing my own paper, though.

Mile 11: Starting to get a little tired. Feeling really hot, and my fingers look like sausages. Start chugging more water.

Mile 12: Tired. Tired. Tired. 1.1 miles to the finish line. Took a few 20 second walking breaks, but determined that running still felt better than walking. Filled my water bottle again. Time check: 2:46 something. Remind me why I paid for this torture again?

Finish: 3:01:30 gun time. I got my chip cut off, my medal, and a water bottle, then made my way to the pavilion for free stuff. I got a lot of free food and samples and such. Also we got sandwiches or tacos from a local bbq joint. I went for a pork sandwich, and ended up just eating the meat out of it and tossing the bun, haha. Got a beer from the beer garden, but only drank like a quarter of it. It was freaking delicious though. Everyone should always get beer after finishing a race. Lastly, I got a free 10 minute massage. It felt amazing. So glad I stopped and had that done, or my back and shoulders would feel a looootttt more tight than they are now. Thanks, people from Kaiser!

Official time is 2:59:31! I was having trouble because my official time wasn't posted, but it has just been updated, thanks to some awesome race staff. So let's see. That makes today a PR, obviously. Overall, 1/2 Marathon PR of 27:03. And compared to last year, same race, I bettered my time by 41:08. Um, awesome much!?!?!?!?

I spent every day since signing up for this race looking forward to it. Excited. Antsy. Proud of myself.

Today, I spent all day wondering why the hell people pay to run crazy long distances. It hurts!

Tomorrow, I will be looking forward to my full marathon in October. I will spend every day until then being excited, antsy, and proud of myself.

Running is crazy.

Currently taking bets on how many of my toenails I will lose in the next few weeks. At least one is looking probable...


  1. omg wow!!! That is awesome! Congrats!!! And VERY resourceful on the tmi event. I think I might have just panicked and sat there for awhile, lol!!

  2. Oh wow. Commando running... awesome :D

  3. Oh, and my mind was elsewhere but... CONGRATS!!!

    (on the time of course)

  4. lol love it! great race report ;) I really should do mine before I go to bed or I might never get to it...

  5. Awesome race!!! Congrats on a great time!!

  6. Congratulations, you done good!

  7. Amazing Race Report!!! Thought about you yesterday morning :)

  8. Congrats! You did great! :)
    Commando running, huh? I would think there would be a lot of chafing.