Sunday, May 30, 2010

let me tell you what

It is HOT here these days!!! It doesn't even bother me that much that it's been like 90 degrees lately, since there isn't really much humidity. Still, when I was out picking my race packet for tomorrow, I also stopped at Target and picked up some running shorts, a new sports bra, and a running tank. GOOD IDEA, self. Yesterday evening I went out for a run, it ended up being about 4 miles. I really want to run today, but I'm not going to, seeing as how I have the BolderBoulder tomorrow morning. (A 10K.)

Last night I found out awesome news - I am not going to have to move in July! I met with my future housemates this weekend and we were originally just going to talk about moving in together, and where we might like to find a house. But then they decided they really liked the house I live in now, and the boyfriend of one of the girls is going to move in too! So the four of us will be living in the house I am in now. HOORAY! I am thrilled not to have to move, and I am so excited to live with Tanya and Suzanne and Mike. In celebration, I cleaned and rearranged my room. Gotta change things up every once in awhile, right? Especially since I'll be here another year.

Well I had probably better get out and about... have to shower and then go to the store for grocery shopping. Then it's church, and scoping out where I need to park to catch the shuttle to Boulder tomorrow!

I hope you are all having excellent holiday weekends... anyone doing anything exciting?

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  1. Im so excited for your race tomorrow! Congrats on such an awesome achievement, I hope you are very proud of yourself!