Friday, May 7, 2010

late friday post

Totally didn't have time to write this morning - it was the last day in our present offices, and on Monday we are in the new ones full time, so it was all day packing at work. Let's just start off with the normal stats.

Start: 250.3
Last Week: 197.6
This Week: 199.6 (+2)

Well, that's not much of a surprise, is it? We all know what I had going on, and while it's not a good excuse, it is the truth. But things are looking up!

Guess what I did yesterday! I joined a new gym. It's an Anytime Fitness gym, which means I have 24 hour access to the gym, but it isn't always staffed. It's not going to be too much of a problem though, since I am almost always going to be able to be there during staffed hours, or I will be there with my trainer. (So don't freak out, mom! Haha.)

Yes. You read correctly. I am going to be working with a trainer. I had a free session today, which was kind of just seeing where I am at, and trying out some new exercises. And it was awesome. I completely love Janel, and I cannot wait to start working with her. Is it going to cost me an arm and a leg? Oh yes. However, I can at least swing the 20 session package with some of my tax refund money and some of my new paycheck. I may have to cut out my weekly Starbucks and some meals out every month... but dang is it going to be worth it. After those 20 sessions (10 weeks) I will evaluate and see how the finances can handle it. But what is really nice is that during the sessions, we work on cardio, resistance, AND nutrition. How awesome is that? Also, she will work with me to plan workouts for the rest of the week when we aren't together. So I'll always have a trainer approved plan. =)

The other nice thing about Anytime is that while it had a pretty steep enrollment fee ($99), they use it to register you for their website. And on their website, you can track calories, track exercise, track weight and other measurements, discuss things with other members... kind of like a very mini SparkPeople just for members of Anytime. I am enjoying it a lot. Once I actually start working with Janel, she will have access to my page, so she'll be able to see what I'm eating and make suggestions for me. She also told me she teaches a triathalon class in the summer... and I'm actually considering doing it. She invited me to come to one of the swim sessions for free one of these weeks, and I just might. Of course, actually doing a triathalon is probably not in the cards for this summer... I have been doing some thinking though, and will have decided by next week what my plan of attack for the summer and fall is. Right now, I'm leaning towards doing another race.

What with joining the gym and starting to track calories again... I think I'm back on track. I'm feeling good again, and it is really nice. Tomorrow I have to run a few errands, but I think I will probably go for a walk before my last long run on Sunday. I cannot believe my race is only 9 days away. I'm slightly nervous, but mostly so insanely psyched.

Well, it's time for me to hit the showers. I am smelling pretty gross from the workout this evening... I didn't do a ton of work with Janel, we mostly talked, but then I ran a couple miles before coming home. So yeah. Shower time.

Happy weekend, everyone! =)


  1. yay I'm so excited for you :) and just a teensy bit jealous... :-P

  2. I'm definitely jealous. :) I would love a trainer. How exciting!!