Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i am a klutz. and what do i need from costco?

No joke. After work last night I went to the bank with my boss so we could get me a debit card for our account. The sprinklers were going, and both of us wanted to avoid the sidewalk being watered, so we cut through a bed of small rocks.

Bad plan, batman.

I totally tripped over a rock and banged up my knee on the sidewalk on the other side of the rocks. I do not think it will affect my race on Sunday. I think by then it will just be a nice bruise/scab. But right now, it is still kind of raw... fresh scab, very bruised, red, swollen, painful. My whole knee is stiff.

I am not trying to complain, really. I mean, it hurts, but I'll be okay. I just think it is funny that I managed to injure myself so badly by tripping over a rock. Sigh.

In other news, one of my good friends from my volunteer year last year is flying in tonight! I'm really excited to see him and get to hang out a little this week. Before going to get him at the airport, my friend Hol is taking me to Costco, where I will stock up on a large bag of almonds (my snack of choice at work).

Does Costco have other things I should look at? If you shop at Costco or another store like it, tell me what kinds of healthy things are there that I should get!!!


  1. hope your wound gets better! Good luck with the race.

  2. I just bought a bunch of produce last week from costco. I was excited about the low prices for so much, but most of it went bad :(

  3. They have frozen edamame....THE best snack!! A giant box of 12 individual packs that costs about $7. Plus those Yoplait smoothie frozen thingies which are yummy. Oh how I love Costco!!

  4. Never been to Costco! I unfortunately don't have one anywhere near me. And the bruised knee will only make you look like a badass during your race. :-)

  5. Ouch about the knee! If you like seafood they have wonderfully priced frozen that cooks up nice and quick!