Monday, May 31, 2010

Bolder Boulder Race Report

Holy cow, you guys. This was the most fun race I have ever run. It was so awesomely entertaining, and even funny at times. There were lots of people in costume (which I SO want to do next year, but not on my own... volunteers?), great music several times a mile, TONS of spectators, some of who were passing out the following: marshmallows (really, more thrown at us than passed, haha), bacon (2 stations!), donuts, peanuts, lemonade, otter pops, beer, jungle juice, and tequila shots. None of these were official - just people out in front of their house, haha. It was grand. There were also lots and lots of sprinklers, which was so nice. It was HOT by the time my wave got started at 8:49:10.

My personal goal was to be in under 1:20. I didn't achieve it - my final time was 1:22:13. Which isn't bad! I loved that BB tracked our splits. My fastest mile was 12:04 (WOWZER!), and that was mile 1. My slowest mile was 13:53, which was mile 4. Overall, my average mile time was 13:14, which is 29 seconds per mile faster than my half marathon times from two weeks ago. While it is obviously a shorter race, and I did push it a little extra due to the shorter distance, I am more than pleased to have knocked 29 seconds off my average mile time.

While I didn't hit my goal time, I did still PR! I bettered my 10K time by 17:12. I just can't bring myself to be disappointed. I have a new 10K PR, and I had an amazing, amazing time running this morning.

I highly recommend doing the Bolder Boulder if you never have. It was such a great experience. Also, it is the 2nd largest 10K in the nation. There were 56,000+ running today. That's bigger than a lot of marathons! Anyway. Incredible morning. I didn't stay to watch the pros run, but my housemate Carter did. Can't wait to hear what that was like. I probably would have stayed if

1. I thought I could have found Carter in the mass of people.
2. If I had brought sunscreen. Thank god for the volunteer coming around with sunscreen while we were waiting for our time to go. I am sure I sweated it off within a mile or two, but it helped. I am a little dark, but not burned.

Now I am debating whether I want to go lay out in the backyard or if I want to shower and go shopping for a swimsuit... I think I will go with the latter, and then if it is still hot out when I get back, I can lay out.

Lastly... should you decide you want to come do Bolder Boulder next year, let me know. I have couches! =)


  1. roomie, i plan to run with you!

  2. Awesome report! Great job!!! Sounds like a great race :)

  3. Oh my gosh, you are fantastic!!! That is incredible. I'm thrilled that you had a great race!!