Friday, April 9, 2010

Jump Street

Since I didn't weigh in today (hoteling it up with my mom! fun!), I thought I would post some of the pictures from going trampolining last week. They are blurry, as it is pretty much impossible to get a clear picture when your subjects are bouncing around. These are pretty silly. Just a warning. =)

Me, Caroline. Just jumping.

I can levitate. My housemates cannot.

It looks like I am trying to flap my arms and fly!

Oh hey! Guess what? I lost 50 pounds! And also, my face is crazy!!!


  1. wow, that looks like some mega-watt fun! and you look like you're enjoying it! that's my kind of exercise.

  2. Oh my gosh!! That looks like SO much fun. And I bet it was a great workout, too! What kind of place is that?? I gotta find one around here!