Saturday, April 24, 2010


I love outlet shopping! I spent a bit of money today, but I got a TON of stuff!!!

First off, I should also say that I only bought clothes from two stores. One was the Gap, which I haven't shopped at in years, and the other was Ann Taylor, where I have never shopped before. I've never been able to, until now.

Okay, Ann Taylor. Two pairs of pants, one black, one a brownish color I can't really describe. Greyish brown? I don't know, but a really pretty color. A lighter weight black kind of wrap-around sweater, but it is all attached. No strings or anything to tie. Two really pretty tank tops that are totally office appropriate worn under a sweater or cardigan. (They also look great with jeans!) New. Favorite. Store.

The Gap. Two cami tops, one is black, one is salmon with little white polka dots. Both have lace at the neckline. One black cardigan. One long sleeve white button down shirt. One kind of more casual light pink shirt with a keyhole back. I also got a bottle of Dream body spray, which I used to use back in college... one of my favorite scents!

So those were all the clothes. I really think with what I already have in my closet, I can really make a lot of combinations and great outfits. Along with a pretty silver necklace, and a pair of earrings... all that stuff ran me a grand total of $214.22. Which is a lot less than I thought I would have to spend. Total for these purchases, I saved $110.98. Um, AWESOME!?!?!?! Thank you outlets!!!!!

I also bought myself a present... which was another hundred dollars. But since I saved $152 on it, I don't feel bad at all. I am considering it a tax refund/new job present to myself. It is a beeeeeautiful Coach purse. I have one Coach bag already, a really super cute Swing Pack, is what they call it on the website, haha. It is awesome for when I don't want to haul lots of stuff around. My wallet, keys, cell phone, and a lip gloss fit perfectly. Great for taking to the mall, grocery store, etc.

This new purse is bigger, so say, if I know I am going to be driving all around for my job, I can throw in some snacks, like an apple and a granola bar. I'm totally making this all up off the top of my head, haha. But it is nice to have two different sized bags for different occasions. Plus, while a hundred dollars is a lot, I realize, I know from experience that Coach bags are very well made, and it will last me a long time, if not forever. Hooray, hooray. It is the classic tan color, with lavender insides.

So that was my excursion to the outlet mall. All I have left to do is get another pair or two of shoes, and I'm golden! I feel a lot better about starting this job now that I have more clothes. And I am really proud of myself because most of what I got can be worn with other things. It is very mix and matchable, which is good, because it means it will look like I have more outfits, hahaha.

Total spent today: $316.09
Total saved: $263.78

Not too shabby.


  1. way to go on the finds!!! i'm so glad you had such an awesome trip. stay positive and inspiring, friend.

  2. I love to shop, and it sounds like you had a productive shopping weekend. :) Enjoy the new stuff! :) And congrats on shopping in different stores..that is a VERY big deal! Yay!

  3. Congrats on the new clothes! I so love buying smaller clothes! Keep up the good work!