Sunday, April 18, 2010

Clothing giveaway!!!

One of the hard things about losing weight is that when you are moving down, you don't want to buy a whole new wardrobe for each size, especially if you are only going to be there for a month or two. It is kind of a waste of money. But you also want to feel good about yourself, and feel confident in your clothing, which isn't always possible if you are buying cheap clothes.

So here is the deal. I have some clothes that are now too big for me, and I would love to pass them on to some of you, if you want them. Descriptions of the clothes are beneath the pictures. If you see something (or many somethings!) you would like, leave me a comment. If two or more people want the same thing, I will do a random drawing. If you are the only one who claims it, it's all yours! I will leave this open for a week, so you need to let me know by next Sunday what you want!

Snazzy top, good for going out dancing!
Lane Bryant - Size 18/20

Gold blouse, looks better when ironed and worn with the belt (not shown).
Lane Bryant - Size 22/24

Fun satin dressy shirts. Loved these, obviously, as there are 3.
Lane Bryant, all size 18/20

Pants to wear with the shirts? Both from Lane Bryant, both petite length.
Black - Size 7 (I don't get the new sizing...)
Gray - Size 22

Jeans skirt.
Lane Bryant - Size 20.

Just got this dress last summer, on sale. It is an awesome sundress!
Penney's - Size 20W

And a fancy dress!
Dress Barn (I think?) - Size 20W

There you have it! If you are working your way down, and these will fit you, let me know what you want. I would love to give these clothes to people who are on this journey with me. =)


  1. Very generous of you. I think the turquoise satin top is tres cute.

    And major congratulations for being too small for your clothes!!!

  2. The first "snazzy" top and the satin dress shirts are really nice!! The pants are nice too.
    This is such a good idea and so nice of you! You have done an amazing job....fifty pounds is alot.