Friday, March 12, 2010


So, I wanted to post the pic of my scale from last week. But my boss just called me to come in early today, the earlier the better... so I'll post it tonight. In the meantime, here's the weight of the week!

Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Weigh in: 208.6

This Week's Weight: 204.4! YAY!!!

That means I lost 4.2 pounds in the last two weeks. Is that awesome, or what?!?!?! That also means I passed 205.3, which means I get this beautiful little decoration:

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I am SO HAPPY! Every so often, taking a break from the scale is really good for me. I focus more on what I am doing instead of what the numbers say.

I am so freaking close to 50 pounds lost. 4.1 pounds. I really believe that I will get this in the next two weeks. Or at least by March 29th, my 6 month mark. I would LOVE to weigh in on March 29th and have a number starting with a 1. How insane would that be. (Answer: VERY!)

Okay, well I have to go make breakfast, throw a lunch together, and hit the road. It's supposed to be Starbuck's day, but I may need to hold off until my lunch break for that. No matter what happens at work today... it will still be an awesome, awesome day.


  1. you are just awesome! i, too, find myself needing to hold off on the scale after a while. love your progress!

  2. How awesome! Glad to see those numbers coming off the scale. It can be a great motivator!

  3. Yaaaaay! Congrats!! I'm almost at 25lbs gone (24.7). Love hitting those loss markers!

  4. Congrats! You are making awesome progress.

  5. Congrats on your progress!! I know what its like to be a slave to the scale..I need to wean myself off sometimes, too!

  6. congrats kaitlin! that's fantastic :-)