Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Part 2: Running

Since my morning update was so sparse, I thought I'd do another post! Especially since one of my favorite fellow bloggers, Josie (yes, click the link, then follow her blog... hehehe) asked me about how I got started running! And I think that is a great question, and totally post-worthy.

When I first started running, I was probably at my highest weight in college. I was inspired to start by my brother, who had been running for awhile, and he is the one who told me to read Dean Karnazes book UltraMarathon Man. I read it, loved it, and decided to start running. I was so ridiculously out of shape. So when I would first go out, this is what I did. I would walk around in a neighborhood, and I would only run when I was going past driveways. Any other times would be walking. Then I gradually worked up to only walking by the driveways, and running the rest of the time. Later I would alternate blocks. It was a very slow process, and I had never even heard of C25K, so I was pretty much making up my own.

I don't know when the first time I ran a whole mile was. I remember being very proud of myself when I did it, but I can't remember when or where it was. The process of getting there was really just working up to being able to run most of the time when I went out and walking less and less. Whenever I upped my distance, I usually needed to add more walking in. But after awhile, I would be back to running most of the distance. Even now, I walk during my runs, especially my long runs. During races, I usually just walk through the water stations, and while I drink, and that is usually enough. Just enough to give my legs a little bit of a change, and then it's back to running.

So, Josie, and everyone else, I hope this was helpful! I know it is very vague, but it's what I've got. Work your way up to mostly running at your own pace, and walk when you need to. There is absolutely no shame in walking!

And speaking of running, I have 3 miles tomorrow (who knows if that will happen, it's a busy day), and 8 on Sunday. Wahoo!


  1. Thank you for this post! I was actually out walking my dogs today and did some running for the first time. It was really fun, but I had no idea where to go from here. This definitely gave me some ideas!

  2. aww thanks for the plug, dear! and thanks for the info. walk/jog/walk is kinda what i'm doing now, and i'd like to move a little forward. i knew you had been there and done it!

  3. my long run is 7 this weekend :-P see? you're already showing me up! butthead!

  4. This was very helpful. Thank you. I'll be following your advice.