Thursday, March 11, 2010

dear speed workouts,

I really thought I was going to hate you. But you are actually kind of fun. Even if I feel half dead when I am done.

Today I did 6x400. 400 is one lap around the track. I did that 6 times, faster than my normal pace, with short breaks in between to catch my breath. By the end of my training, I work up to 10x400. Crazyness! Even though it was a totally intense and hard workout, I really enjoyed it. I started my repeats at 5mph, and worked my way up to 6mph, which is really fast for me. I think next time I do one of these workouts I will go at 6 mph for each repeat. It was doable, which I was really surprised by. 5mph actually felt too slow to be doing speedwork at. Nice! Tomorrow I have 3 miles at a normal pace, and then lifting. I love lifting. I'm meeting with my trainer in a week and a half to go over my plan again and adjust weights/reps. I'm excited.

My discovery of the week is the Daily Plate program at It's a calorie counting program that really keeps track of all the important stuff including a nice pie chart for your daily protein/carbs/fat, and it also tracks sodium, cholesterol, sugars and fiber. You can also input your exercise. This website is SO MUCH EASIER than SparkPeople. Like, I actually look forward to tracking my food, instead of dreading the hassle that SP was bound to present me with.

Lastly, I will leave you with oatmealy deliciousness. I have had oatmeal (weight control maple brown sugar) for lunch three times this week. I'm loving it, because it totally fills me up and gets me through the whole afternoon AND my workout until I get home for dinner. I don't have to have a snack in the mid-afternoon. I mean, I could if I wanted to. But so far, I've been pretty good! I like to chop up most of an apple and throw it in there along with 12 chopped up almonds. Yum yum yum.

Okay, well it is time for me to go shower, and then I have some laundry folding to do. I always forget that I have laundry in the dryer until after one of my housemates moves it into my laundry basket. Whoops. Have a good evening, everyone! Come back tomorrow for my weigh in. Hopefully it will be okay, even though I had a bad eating weekend.


  1. that weight control oatmeal is, just, amazing. i mix a little bit of pb in it, and it tastes especially great in the banana bread flavor.

    i don't use the daily plate to track, but i really like its features and the fact that it lists all that nutritional info.

    stay strong!

  2. Are you following a specific training program for your speed workouts? I'm almost done with c25k so I'm looking for a new running challenge!!