Monday, March 29, 2010

6 months, and a bunch of questions

I bet you were all just crazy with anticipation all day, waiting for this post. Okay, maybe not. It's kind of anticlimactic. My weight this morning was 201.8. Which is -.2 from Friday, haha. So, I have not passed 50 pounds yet, but I know it is not far in my future!

If you really had your heart set on celebrating a 50 pound loss today, you should totally head over to my friend Laura's blog at 100in12 and read all about her success. She officially blew past 50 pounds today, and that is SO awesome and inspiring! Go congratulate her! I will wait here.

Okay, are you back now? So as interesting as it was weighing in on Monday, I am going to stick with Fridays for right now. Monday weigh ins might help keep me on track over the weekend, but I also do my long runs on Sunday. That means that I eat a lot more on Sundays, too. If you have never been on a long run... they make you ravenously hungry afterwards. Or at least that is what they do to me. So yep, I'm sticking with Friday for the time being.

Today I warmed up with a mile walk/jog on the treadmill and then did my new lifting regime. Man, can I tell the difference, even on machines where I only go up 5 or 10 pounds. I'm looking forward to the challenge these next few weeks... then it will be time to move up again!

Time for questions!

1. I love the gym. I would spend all my free time there if that didn't interfere with the rest of my life! I honestly love working out and I look forward to it every single day. However. I really struggle with making the right choices when it comes to the food I am eating. For those of you who are strong in this area... what goes through your head when you decide what to eat? Do you have any good tips or tricks? Especially mentally? I obviously know that it is better to eat a piece of fruit than a bowl of ice cream. But I still have a hard time resisting delicious things that are not that good for me.

2. I had something else to ask you all, but I do not remember what it was. So I shall improv. What have you done today that was good for you? How about this week? Or even this month? Tell me about your successes, and what you are proud of having done so far.


  1. well, i'm still mighty proud of you! you push so hard, and you WILL hit that 50 mark!

    i'm just a nutjob when it comes to the food and the exercise both. but when i get mad cravings for (usually always) sweets, i do best when i ask myself what it is i want and ask myself if there is ANYTHING less than i can eat and get the same fulfillment. if i'm craving ice cream, maybe i could have vanilla yogurt with fruit. or half an apple with pb or almond butter. or maybe i have to have oatmeal with dark chocolate chips for dinner.

    i try to be frugal, and so when i do that and it works, it feels like i'm getting a deal. it might not work for everyone, but it works for me!

  2. I wouldn't dare to think I can give you advice at this point. Have read your Blog .... I have this habit that when I Think I might add this one to my reader list I like to see the story from when it began. *smile*

    Found your link on HYC and want to congratulate you on your steady progress with the running, all exercise and of course awesome weightloss. You may not always thin you are consistent but I have seen a pretty good pattern.

    Well done and I'm with you as you continue to achieve weight etc goals.

  3. Here from HYC - congrats on the almost 50lb loss, that's great progress overall even if this week isn't the loss you'd like.

    I think the thing I'm proud of today is that the two things I was waiting in for both happened early so I immediately called my friend and asked if I could join her and her son at the pool.

  4. Congrats on the six month mark!!!

    I'm kind of opposite you with the food/exercise. I don't mind going to the gym, but it's not my favorite thing in the world. However, I always feel good about myself afterwards, so I keep going!

    For me, the food thing is "out of sight, out of mind". If I don't SEE a trigger food, I won't think about/crave it. When my husband brings junk food into the house, I make him hide it (not kidding). Additionally, I plan everything I am going to eat at least a day ahead of time. That way it's never "What should I have for lunch? Oooh McDonalds sounds good!" because I already have exactly what I'm eating for lunch out and ready to go. I find that making decisions ahead of time takes a ton of pressure off and makes it easier to make good choices.

  5. Congrats on six months! :)

    The thing I did today that was good for me was to go for a walk with my other half when I got home from work. We've walked five days a week for the past two weeks: we're going for week three (and more!).

  6. I'm celebrating a year today..yay! Six months really flies by, doesn't it? I know this year did for me..:) I'm down 91 pounds (though I hope to add to that in a couple of hours.) And life is just better than ever!

    Keep up the good work!!!!!