Tuesday, February 16, 2010

quick 5K update

OMG. It was so cold this morning. 18 degrees.

My house is kind of near the park, so I decided to run to the place we were starting. That part of the running today was the best part. It was still dark when I arrived, and there were a dozen or so other runners there. In the end, there were probably closer to about 2 dozen people who ran.

Starting off, I was doing fine. Then I got to about a mile, maybe a little more, and just couldn't do it. So I walked back to the start line and didn't do the final loop around the pond. I don't feel bad about this at all, especially when I heard that last year's marathon WINNER didn't even do the whole distance. I think the cold played a big part in my decision to not do the whole distance, and also the fact that I had a fairly intense lifting session yesterday and I think my muscles were like "WHAT are you doing? Tuesday is supposed to be an easy day!" Hehehe. Anyway, I met up with my housemate Carter in the parking lot of the starting line, and we got free waterbottles from Kaiser (those nice metal ones! fancy!), and there was also a drawing for prizes. I didn't win anything, but Carter won a yoga mat. Then the two of us walked/ran back to our house. Overall, I am pretty sure I put in more than 3 miles this morning, so I'm considering that a good workout.

I have taken a shower since then and I am STILL cold! Yikes! Brr!!!


  1. Great job! I'm with you- sometimes the cold gets to be too much when you're trying to work out outside. *shivers*