Monday, February 1, 2010

I'm being watched.

Yes. But not by a stalker, whew!

I was leaving on my lunch break today, and on my way out I saw Katie, the sister of Sarah, who I work with. Katie works at the Y too, but in a different department, so we don't see much of each other. We said hi, and then Katie said...

"Sarah told me you lost a bunch of weight, you look bangin'!"

Those were her exact words, haha. Then Katie proceeded to tell me how Sarah told her that I had inspired her to lose weight and that she wanted to run a marathon or a triathalon, or something. (Sarah has much less weight to lose than I do.) Katie asked me how I was doing it, and commented several more times how good I looked.

I felt so flattered/weird! Flattered because, well, who doesn't love compliments. Weird because I have never had anyone not a family member make such comments to me. And the fact that it was in the middle of the lobby of the Y, haha. As we ended the conversation, she said, "Well, next time I see you I'm going to say something again and make you blush!!!"

It was such a nice happening in my day today. It makes me wonder who else is watching me. I know my boss has been catching on, because now when I see her at the end of the day when I log out, she says "Have a good workout!" I seem to have become quite predictable, haha.

I don't mind being predictable, though. I had a good workout tonight, I am trying to get myself in a similar pattern to my training plan, so I didn't run today. Mondays are supposed to be "Stretch and Strengthen" but I didn't really do that either. I did do an hour on the elliptical. Then it was home, dinner with the housemates, tea and boggle, and now I am getting ready to take a shower and go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be another long day!!!

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