Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here is what I bought...

First I went to Runners Roost. I ended up going with the same shoes that I have been buying for years. (Asics Foundations.) I could feel the difference between the new ones, and the ones I had been wearing the minute I put them on. I didn't even have to stand up. But then I did, and walked around, and ran on a treadmill for a minute. They felt wonderful. If it's not broke, don't fix it, I guess. Of course, there is the added bonus that I have owned three pairs of these shoes in the past and they were always blue, but my 4th pair that I bought today, are PINK!!! As if there wasn't enough pink in my life already. Now my running shoes are pink. =) Here is a pic:

As you can see, I ended up getting more besides just shoes. I got 4 gels, which I probably won't need for a month at least, until my long runs start getting up there in milage. But there was more flavor variety here for the caffeine free flavors, so I stocked up. I also got some BodyGlide, which is pretty much required for me, aaannnnddd a new pair of socks. In blue. To balance out the pink shoes. =)

Next, I went to Whole Foods and got my favorite yogurt. They didn't have them in the 1 pound containers, so I bought two 8 oz. containers instead. I got blueberry again, and also decided to try honey flavored. If you live in Colorado, pick some of this up ASAP. Delish.

Also, I ended up going to Sephora last night. It was on the way home, and I couldn't help myself, even though I had to walk through the mall in my workout clothes. Don't tell Stacey and Clinton! I smelled all the soaps, and ended up getting my tried and true scent, Amazing Grace. All the food ones just smelled too sickly sweet for me. Plus, now my body wash is the same as my perfume. I like matching. While I was there, I used my Beauty Insider points for some free Philosophy moisturizer. It is a small bottle, so I'm going to stick it in my purse. I also got a free sample of Armani Mania perfume. Wow. If I didn't have so much Amazing Grace, I would probably go back and buy some. It smells incredible. Maybe I will save for it... or maybe it will be a reward in the future (80 lbs lost?).

I am still considering what to do for my next reward. Consensus is for shopping, which I love the idea of. But then Carter offered to go with me for mani/pedi's. I'll have to think about it some more.

How are your weekends going? It is beautiful here, just a little cool. I opened my window to let some fresh air in. It is lovely.


  1. You certain;y were a busy girl! I am going to check out the Armani Mania. You certainly deserve a bottle!

  2. Hey, my daughter has those same shoes! I'm older, so mine aren't so funky! :)

    You and Let Them Eat Lettuce have me convinced that running is THE way to go...I give in...I'll join the running cult!

  3. That's awesome! I love your shoes. I think i'm going to try asics next after the ones i have are done with. :) Sounds like a fun shopping trip!!! I was all excited about that yogurt, till you said try them in Colorado! So they won't have them at my whole foods?? :( So sad!

  4. love those goodies! i'm in need of some new workout shoes, myself! i've never had any asics, usually nike or puma. but it's been a while!
    hope you have a great vday!