Sunday, February 21, 2010

good news, and a grocery dilemma

I weighed myself again this morning and I am back down to last week's weight. I knew there was no way I could have gained two real pounds. For one, I exercised pretty intensely on Monday and Tuesday. And also, my eating was not that bad. Not great, but not terrible. So anyway, I am relieved that I did not actually gain two real pounds this week. It was probably the combination of being sick and eating salty things such as soup, that are required when you have the flu. (And don't even think about mentioning low sodium soup to me, I have yet to try one that is not horrid. Okay, I guess you can mention it if you have tried one that is amazing!)

I am supposed to start my official half marathon training tomorrow. Luckily Monday is stretch and strengthen day. I think I will go to work planning on working out, and if I feel really bad, I will just stretch. But I think I can handle a light warm up and weights. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it goes tomorrow. The rest of the week... I'm not going to push myself. The last thing I want to do is make myself feel worse when I am trying to recover. So it will be a lot of planning to do lower intensity workouts, and then listening to my body when I am doing them. I am very excited to officially start training!

In this journey to becoming healthier, I feel that I have working out pretty much under control. I love going to the gym both for cardio and for lifting. If I have to skip a day at the gym, I am not happy. In fact, I might even be cranky.

But I still struggle so much with eating. In my house, I live with three other girls. Each month, we put in $80 for groceries, and then spend $80 a week. We make meals together for dinner at least 3 nights a week. But we all just pick our own recipes, and unless I'm making the meal, I have no control over what it is or what the nutrition behind it is. Also two of the girls are vegetarians, and while I have no problem with that at all, I really want more meat in my diet.

Out of the four of us, I probably spend the most on extra groceries. I buy my own chicken, ground turkey, different bread, yogurt, frozen waffles, applesauce, rice cakes, etc. There is a lot that I eat out of the shared groceries - milk, juice, graham crackers, fruit, veggies, cereal, eggs, whatever anyone makes for dinner. But I don't eat the Nutella, or the ice cream, or any of the desserts that we buy or my housemates make. (Well, I did sometimes eat the cookies, but usually only a couple.)

The dilemma is that I am really wishing that I was just cooking for myself every night. Not that what my housemates cook isn't tasty, just that sometimes it is pretty high calorie or I don't even know the calories. If I could have chicken with veggies and rice every night, I would not mind that at all. And if this were the case, I would probably spend more of my own money on my own food, and put in less for community groceries. But I really don't think my housemates would go for that. I don't know. I'm just rambling now.

I just really want to get my eating under control. And it's hard when several times a week... I am not in control. What I would really like to do is to get a bunch of chicken cooked up on Sundays, so that during the week I can use it for salads, sandwiches, wraps, etc. Or cook my own dinners and keep them in the fridge/freezer and just heat them up and eat with my housemates, but eat my own food.

If any of you have suggestions, or have been in this situation before, please let me know what you think! I don't mind spending more on my own groceries so that I can have more control over what I eat. I think that is just what I am going to have to do.

Okay well, I am going to wrap this very long entry up. I have a lot of stuff to do today including:

-pick up my bridesmaid dress
-grocery shop, at least for my food
-cook some chicken
-clean/finish my laundry
-invent a new recipe to share with you


  1. I'm not sure what I'd suggest about the 80 per week, but I can definitely tell you that I'd be making my own food. It's not as convenient, but results will be better. Just explain to the roommates why you're doing it then go for it. That's all you can do.

  2. I'm all for sticking up for what you need to do in order to be healthy. Maybe you can contribute less to the "pot" since you aren't eating certain things and then buy your own groceries. They will understand and not be offended if you explain that it's for your weight loss efforts.

  3. what if ice crean and nutella, etc came from own $ and not the $80??? im sure kate would go for that too...that way all of the house food was healthy, mostly whole foody, type stuff ...carter

  4. I understand about the groceries...I went through that when I was in college. I'd just sit down and have a talk with them about it, explaining that you like their food but you are trying to be really strict with your diet, so cooking your own might be better. Even if you just skip out altogether on the $80 and completely buy your own food, there is nothing they can complain about if you don't eat theirs and they don't eat yours. Good luck!