Friday, February 26, 2010


Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 210.8

This Week's Weight: 208.6 (-2.2)

That is the same as 2 weeks ago. I'm okay with that. Coming out of a week of the flu, and a really stressful work week this week, I am really happy that I went back down. So overall, I lost 6.4 pounds this month. The way I see it that is awesome. That averages out to be about a pound and a half week, which is spot on. So hooray!

This coming week I am doing something different. Tiff at Project 365 had the brilliant idea to spend a week celebrating successes by writing down your successes on post it notes, and then sticking them to your scale. It's called the I Am Worth More Challenge. I have been focusing a lot on numbers lately, and it's really hard for me to remember what I am doing that is good. So I'm going to be doing this challenge this week, and skipping next week's weigh in and just focusing on celebrating all the successes I've racked up during the week.

In other news, 1/2 marathon training is going pretty well! I didn't get to work out on Tuesday, and Wednesday's workout was a bust, but Monday and yesterday were spot on. I'm loving that on this plan I'm following, Fridays are rest days. But that does mean that I have three miles scheduled for Saturday, and five for Sunday. I'm looking forward to running outside!

I went to see my doctor yesterday for a meds check up for my Wellbutrin. I'm loving it, and we talked about it a little bit, but most of the time, she spent gushing about my weight loss. Like, she was seriously impressed that I had lost 4 pounds since the last time I had seen her. She was so excited, it made ME excited all over again! I am going back in five months, and I can't wait to see her reaction then, haha. It's good to have such a supportive doctor.

Alright friends, I've gotta go get stuff done. I hope you all have awesome Fridays and weekends!


  1. Congrats on your weight loss and your awesome attitude towards your progress. Too many of us expect too much, too soon. Your Dr. sounds like a keeper!

  2. congrats on the loss, love! that's awesome. i like the challenge thing you're doing, too. i need reminders like that too :-)

    have a great weekend!!

  3. Congrats on your loss! 1.5 lbs per week is fantastic!

  4. You are doing so well! It's nice to hear that you have a supportive doctor too.