Saturday, February 6, 2010

bored at the front desk.

I am working this weekend. My 4-6 volunteer didn't show up, and neither did my cleaning guy, so I'm just chilling at the front desk. Nothing has happened yet as I have been sitting here. So here are my usual random weekend thoughts, ideas, and happenings!

I remembered what I had been going to write about yesterday. I counted out months in my head, and realized that on March 29th, I will have been at this 6 months. And then I thought about goals. Here is what I am aiming for: I am officially putting it down in writing that it is my goal to have lost at least 50 pounds by March 29th. That means I have 11.5 to go. I think this is an attainable goal. It would be pretty cool to be at (or past) the halfway point of my weight loss at the same time as the halfway point of the year. (Well, the year as I started this journey!)

Today I went back to the farmers market. I had totally planned on trying the mango yogurt today, but when I got there, there were NEW flavors!!! Blueberry and honey to be specific. Both sounded amazing, but I am a sucker for blueberry anything. So blueberry it was. I got back to work, mixed it up, and tasted it. Freaking amazing. It is so smooth, and rich, and TASTY! I bought a pound this week, so it should last me until I can go again next week. I'm an addict. This yogurt is insane. I also bought a tiny berry pie (really, it was even smaller than what you would think a tiny pie would look like), and a loaf of white chocolate lemon mint bread. I cut up the bread and left it in the kitchen for my weekend volunteers, though.

I've been wanting to exercise SO bad today! But I haven't. As much as my brain wants the activity, my body has asserted that after six days of workouts, it needs a rest day. My muscles and joints are thanking me today. Tomorrow, however, they will not get off lightly. I am hoping to go for a run, but it will depend on my volunteer coverage. If I can't go out, I brought my yoga mat and 30 Day Shred and I'll just party it up in my room.

I bought an Ace cold pack today for $10 at Safeway. It's reusable, and covered in a nice, soft outer shell. I hate ziplocs full of ice, and since we don't have an ice maker, it's even more of a hassle to put them together after a run. Also, I tend to forget about them and then inevitably they leak all over my sofa/pants/sheets/blankets. So I'm pumped for an easy, fairly cheap, reusable option!

Since I worked so many hours these last two weeks, I am going to be getting a pretty good paycheck next Saturday. (Gosh do I love direct deposit, or else I'd have to wait until Tuesday!) I have already decided that part of that money is going to new running shoes! After doing some research, I found out that my local Runner's Roost does gait analysis, which is something I really wanted to have done. So next Saturday is shoe shopping!

That is all I have for now. Are you watching the Super Bowl tomorrow?


  1. i will be watching the super bowl and being totally oblivious to what's going on! i'm glad you've got a farmer's market on your routine! that's one thing i miss about when i lived in another state- i shopped there and got a wider variety of fresh (lots of times, organic) produce, and it was way cheaper than at kroger!

  2. You totally rock and def. can achieve your 50 pound goal by then. Wow. You are such an inspiration! Happy that you seem to be having a good weekend, working and all! :)

  3. You will reach your 50 pound goal in no time. You are doing so well. Whenever I feel my motivation waning (which is often lately), I like to stop by and check on your success. It inspires me. :)
    That yogurt sounds yummy. I love finding new yogurt flavors. Weight Watchers has a blueberry pie flavor that rocks. Yoplait has a new Red Velvet Cake flavor which I'm dying to try. So delish.