Saturday, January 23, 2010

A smattering of thoughts.

Today I woke up at 5:45. WHY, body, WHY!?!?! One possible reason could be the Wellbutrin, as insomnia is one of the side effects. I couldn't go back to sleep until about 8, and then I slept until almost 11. So that was a big waste of my morning. Also, I have a bit of a cold. By far not the worst cold ever (that was in September!), but annoying enough. So far it hasn't stopped me from working out, and that is really all I care about. Despite my late start, I still got some quality Hulu time in, and I'm all caught up on some of my favorite shows. (Burn Notice, Parks and Rec, Bones.) I am in the process of doing like 6 loads of laundry.

I finally figured out how to pay my student loans online using money from my AmeriCorps award. Took me long enough, eh? It is actually really easy and I am happy to have started paying so I quit getting annoying mail demanding my money. This has been a huge stressor to me, and I'm glad I finally sat down and got it all worked out. I feel dumb for not doing this in November.

Even though I have now lost 33(.3!) pounds, I still feel like I don't look any different. It is really kind of frustrating. The majority of my clothes still fit fine. Which probably actually means my clothes may have been too small for me to be wearing before, hahaha. On a whim, I took out a sundress that I bought last summer and tried it on. Wow. It was big on me! Last summer when I wore it, I didn't have a whole lot of breathing room. Now the dress kind of hangs off me. It looks huge. So I guess I really am changing, even if I am having a hard time seeing the difference.

I really need to pluck my eyebrows. Even better, I need to find a place to get them threaded.

That is all. Happy Saturday!


  1. congrats! i think trying on clothes that used to be tight and finding they are baggy is the best feeling ever!

  2. but you still work at RMH, can't you still get them threaded there?

  3. No, I only work on weekends, and she only comes in during the week, if at all.

  4. I lost 25 pounds a few summers ago and I couldn't see the difference either. It was so frustrating because everyone would compliment me, but I couldn't tell a thing, even if my clothes felt different. So frustrating! This time I'm taking lots of before, during, and after pictures so hopefully I'll be able to see the difference in those!!

  5. I remember once I saw some family members who I hadn't seen in a while. At that point I'd lost about 30-40 pounds and was very proud. I told them that I'd lost that much and they were like "Oh, neat."

    It was a bit bothersome. I sort of expected more positive reactions but that was typical of how people reacted for much of my weight less - "Oh, neat." But I had many complements the last 20-30 pounds I dropped than the first 90-100.

    I remember clearly when I was close to losing 100 pounds, someone that i saw sort-of regularly looked at me and said "Have you lost some weight?"

    I guess it's good that people didn't really see me as just some giant blob so maybe they didn't notice that I was dropping weight because they never really cared about my weight but still I liked complements every now and then.