Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Yeah, so I'm pretty sure that I pulled the muscle in my leg. I iced it last night for awhile and it felt a little better but this morning it is still hurting. Boo.

I also have a phone date for tonight with one of my best friends that I haven't talked to in a loooong time! Since she is two hours ahead of me, I am going to skip my Y workout so we can talk. It is also even more important because she is getting married in July, and I am in her wedding! Hooray! So we have wedding details to discuss and I haven't talked to her in forever (I know, I'm a horrible bridesmaid), so I'm very excited to talk to her. Providing there is time, I am going to try to squeeze in the 30 Day Shred or some yoga.

And that's today. I'm working extra hours for a couple weeks so I can move up to officially full time as soon as possible. Which means I need to get ready for work! Happy Wednesday!


  1. Ooo, sorry about the injury. At least you can enjoy your conversation with your friend w/out guilt. :) I hate guilt. Deb

  2. Yikes take care of that leg... it will probably thank you for taking the day to talk to your friend :)

    Hope you guys had a good time catching up... Weddings are great!