Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The never ending week... but I PR'ed at the gym!

Yes, it is that time of year for those of us who work at my childcare center. It is parent teacher conference week. My boss actually told me I had to take a 2 hour break tomorrow and I couldn't come in until 11 on Friday. Or I would go over 40 hours. I have been coming in crazy early, and since I'm a closer, I still have to stay til 6. There is just a lot of running around and covering each other since we need to keep ratio, but teachers are having to duck out all day to do conferences. My last two are first thing in the morning tomorrow, so yay! Then I will be done and stress free.

Despite being at work so early, I have been killing it at the gym at night after work. (Yes. I come in at 8 and don't leave until 7:30. Basically, I live at the Y.) So far I have worked out every day this week, and the plan is to see that through until Friday. Tonight though, was kind of a notable night.

I started my workout the same way I always do. Half an hour on the elliptical. Then I hopped on a treadmill. I decided to do 5K, since I had the time. But I also thought "oh, why not do these three miles as speedwork?", probably because I am a crazy person. So here is how it went:

1 minute at 3.0 mph to warm up

3 minutes at 4.3
5 minutes at 4.5
2 minutes at 5.0

Then my last ten minutes or so I got ALL kinds of more crazy and extended my 5.0 mph for another minute. That is a 12 minute mile pace! That is really fast for me! At my slowest, 4.3 mph, I was slightly under a 14 minute pace. I was running at a 14 minute pace in order to catch my breath! This is a great accomplishment for me. For 5K tonight, my time was 40:32. Which is totally a PR for me, in all the official or unofficial 5Ks I have done over the past couple years.

Next goals:
  • Get my 5K time in the 30s. I'm pretty sure I can knock 33 seconds off my time within a couple weeks.
  • Work my way up to being able to sustain 5.0 mph for the whole 5K.
So that was my night at the gym. My face was beet red by the time I finished. I am still feeling it in my legs, and even a little bit in my arms. And it hurts sooooo good.

Even though my workouts have been spot on, my eating today was utter crap. I started the day well, but then we had a potluck at work for a coworker who is retiring, and I ate a lot of stuff I didn't need. Overeating is a lot easier these days... it doesn't take nearly the amount of food that it used to. I'm glad I had the gym after work.

I'm sure I had more that I wanted to post on, but I am completely out of energy. Goodnight, blogland!


  1. Working with children all day must be very stressful. Those workouts must be a necessity for you. Good luck getting through your busy week.

    (I worked in a day care center during college. I think I was sick on and off for the entire first winter from all of the kids various coughs and colds. LOL!)

  2. Sometimes being a crazyperson has its advantages. ;)