Tuesday, January 12, 2010

good day today!

I did better today than I have other days. I am trying really hard to follow the suggestions in the Beck Diet book. So far today I did pretty well. I read my cards, and I ate sitting down. Tomorrow is a new challenge. I also packed a really good lunch, and ate only that for lunch. I enjoyed being able to stick to my plan... I need to remember what it feels like. Cause it feels good.

I'm dying to get back in the gym, my workout on Saturday went really well. But I didn't go yesterday when I could have, today was my night to cook dinner, and tomorrow I have class. So as long as I'm making (and sticking to) plans, here's the plan: gym on Thursday and Saturday. Maybe Friday, if I'm not going to see Avatar with my friend Tanya. I hope I'm going to Avatar though.

Then of course on Thursday I am going to the doctor in the morning, and I am also hoping to meet a camp friend for coffee while she is in Denver. Wow, am I busy this week! I am hoping that I can fully relax on Saturday.

For now, I am watching LOTR 2 Towers with my housemates and enjoying a bellyful of some of the best vegetarian chili I have ever had. Yum yum. Later tonight it's Biggest Loser on Hulu, which is of course last week's episode. Better than no episode at all, though!

How are you all doing this week? Have any especially motivating advice or resources for me??? I hope you are all having good weeks.

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  1. I made minimal progress this past week. I maintained but didn't have any loss. Part of it has been my busy schedule. Seems like I haven't been able to fit in exercise, which is key.
    Hang in there!
    Hope you get to see Avatar. Please let us know what you think. I've heard mixed reviews so far.