Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doctor appointment!

I have much to update on, but I really just wanted to let you all know how it went at the doctor's today.

I really lucked out. I recently got new health insurance that allowed me to pick my own doctor. Not knowing any here in my new city, I just picked a practice that was between my house and my work, called, and made an appointment. And I got an awesome doc! I really liked her. She was easy to talk to, and gave me lots of good advice.

I am adding Wellbutrin to my daily dose of Prozac, and will be going in for another appointment in two weeks to assess how it's going. If it is going really well and I'm feeling good, I am going to drop the Prozac and stick with the Wellbutrin.

She also took some blood for tests... checking my thyroid (I have this done at least every year or two, docs are always wanting to test my thyroid), and to see if I am anemic. And something else. This made my arm really sore for a couple hours.

At the pharmacy, I almost had a heart attack when I learned that a month supply of GENERIC Wellbutrin was 222 dollars. YIKES!!!!!!!! The nice pharmacist suggested I get a two week supply since I will be going back to the docs anyway then, so that is what I did. Still freaking expensive, though. I am going to be calling my insurance tomorrow and figuring out exactly what my prescription plan is.

So that was my morning. Work was the same as always, except I got to give breaks in the infant rooms, so I got to hold cute little babies!!! Aww. Then I worked out and came home to a box of mouse traps. Thanks, Amazon! I baited them and set them around the house... just waiting to hear the "snick" of a door closing behind a mouse! It is kind of crazy how excited I am to trap my first mouse!

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  1. Oh my, poor mice! But then again, I dont have them running around my house, so I dont know what youre going through lol.

    That is INSANELY expensive for medication. That makes me mad that they make it so expensive, maybe the world wouldnt be so bad if people could just afford their meds. I hope it works out.

    Aww, infants. Youre lucky.