Tuesday, December 15, 2009

you are all right.

I realize now that my post yesterday was a lot of whining. Apologies. I guess that ring is just so special because I picked it out for my 21st birthday, and because it makes me feel beautiful and strong. And I can use that these days. I think I will do what my very best friend Kate suggested, and save resizing as a reward for losing 50 pounds. Until then, if I really want to wear it, I can wear it on my middle finger.

Went to the gym after work today, it was pretty great. I did half an hour on the elliptical and then half an hour on the treadmill. I chose the "Random Hill" option on the treadmill, and it was awesome. It made me put in my maximum speed and maximum incline, and then just mixed it up for a half hour in different combinations. It was fun not knowing what was coming up next, and certainly a challenge.

Last night I watched the first half of Titanic. The half with an intact ship. Now I am watching the sad half. But it is still so good.

It's about time for me to go to bed. But that's okay. Tomorrow is pajama day at school, and I'm pumped to wear my penguin pants!!!


  1. I love Titanic! I was going to say yesterday that you could also put that ring on a necklace and wear it that way. : )

  2. pajama day huh, interesting... I wonder if they have those everywhere, cos that would certainly explain some of the college folks's dressing choices!
    And if your ring is special, it's ok to be sad, glad you chose the reward option though, it's a good one!
    And Titanic huh, you'd never seen it?

  3. oh I have seen Titanic many a time. But I don't own it (I probably should), so I got it from Netflix. =)