Friday, December 11, 2009

what actually happened today

First things first. In honor of opposite day, I have something to say about one of the comments on my post from this morning.

You are my archnemisis, Jack Sh*t. You are a terrible person, and I hate your blog. I don't even know why I follow it. You haven't done anything to inspire me, and I feel completely insulted by your comment on my blog.

Hatefully yours,

Now back to our regularly scheduled, non-opposite day programming. I did go to the gym after work today, but I didn't get a lot done. I did about half an hour on the treadmill and was starting to hurt (and not in a good hard exercising kind of way) so I stopped. Then I tried some new things, since there were like literally 3 of us in the gym.

First I tried a spin bike with pre-programmed "classes" on it. (Remember, all these machines have TVs, including the spin bikes.) I lasted about 30 seconds. Do any of you spin? If you do, HOW do you do it? Sitting on that seat hurts!!! Do you just eventually go numb? I don't know if spinning is worth it.

Then I tried the stair-treadmill that I mentioned a couple days ago. If my shoes hadn't been untied, I would have stayed on longer. It was actually pretty fun, although really challenging. I will try this again.

I didn't end up going to Beer and Carols. I truly meant to, but I was just so tired after being at work for 9 hours and then working out, that I felt it would be better to stay in. So I took a long hot shower, and now I am watching Love Actually. And that is a good way to spend Friday night, in my book. =)


  1. I WATCHED LOVE ACTUALLY LAST NIGHT TOO! I also stayed in instead of going to the bar. You are my twin! "To me, you are perfect."

  2. That sounds amazing. Part of what I am learning with this whole thing is that spending time with yourself or focusing on yourself feels so much better because you are actually appreciating yourself so much more. Hope that makes sense?