Sunday, December 13, 2009

That was a pretty awesome weekend.

Today was just as good as yesterday, but about as different as can be.

I started the day the same way, laying in bed and watching Hulu, but this time I was watching Super Nanny. I did clean my room, get half done with laundry (I have one load done, one in the dryer, and one in the washer), and finish my packing list for going home on Saturday morning. I can't even begin to explain how excited I am to go home. I always am. I completely adore my family, and I will get to see all my best friends who live in Michigan. What could be better?

Once my room was clean, I pretty much laid around watching movies on Netflix until it was time for church. I think my body was really glad for the day off from exercising. I feel really good tonight, kind of refreshed and ready to go for the week ahead. I am hoping to go out for a walk or something in the morning... we'll see how my body handles the morning, I guess.

After church I went to the grocery store. I got:
  • almonds
  • white cheddar rice cakes
  • yogurt
  • Lean Cuisines
  • 1oo calorie packs of pudding
  • deli turkey
  • frozen salmon
  • ground turkey
I already weighed out 4 ounce portions of the ground turkey, put them in ziplocs, and froze them. I used one of the servings for dinner though... cooked it in a pan with some garlic powder and oregano, added spaghetti sauce, and put it on some noodles. I also had a carrot and a glass of milk. Most delicious dinner ever... maybe even better than last night. I guess I should also admit that I had a cookie, and one of my pudding cups. Sigh.

I did, however, resist the cake on the counter that my housemate brought home. I wanted a piece so, so bad. But as I was leaving the kitchen with a glass of water right now, I stopped by the cake, pointed at it, and said (out loud, mind you) "That's right, I don't need you anymore!" I would like to think the cake was depressed just a little bit. I don't feel bad for it.

I feel great for myself. Am I going to have cake in the future? You bet. Cake is delicious. But if I'm going to have cake, it had better be for a darned good reason, not just because it's Sunday night. I used to be able to make up an excuse to eat whatever I wanted. It's hard to break that habit, but very slowly, I am.

Also, sometimes, I feel like I'm still mourning the fact that my life is changing. I miss eating crap all the time... how sad is that? Eating that food tasted good. What wasn't good was the way I felt when I was done, and I don't miss that feeling at all.

I am so proud that I cooked a meal tonight that I really, truly enjoyed. It was seriously delicious. And healthy. Well, except for the fact that I had a cookie AND pudding afterwards. I should have just picked one. Hindsight is 20/20.

Well, I feel like I've rambled enough for one night. This post was kind of just a random collection of thoughts. I'm plugging away at my goal to reach 30 pounds lost by Friday. I'm pumped. =)

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