Friday, December 18, 2009


Starting Weight: 250.3
Last Week's Weight: 222.2

This Week's Weight: 221.6

BOO. I know I can't be too disappointed. A loss is a loss. Even if it is only .6 pounds. But it is just so damn frustrating to lose so little weight in a week.

I know what I need to do. I need to start writing my food down again. Every bite. No matter what. Because when I'm not doing that, I'm just allowing myself to cheat. And I'm not okay with that. I am sabotaging myself. Who wants to do that? Not me. So back to writing I go. Back to my food journal.

I will not have a weigh in next Friday, simply because it is Christmas and I will be at my family home in Michigan. There may be a scale there, but I'm not counting on it to weigh me the same as my scale here does. Plus, who wants to weigh in on Christmas morning? I'd rather not worry about it, thanks. So I will weigh in on Sunday, the 27th, when I am back in my own room with my own scale. I will, however, still do an update on Christmas.

I hope you all have great weekends. I know that I am super excited to go home tomorrow morning. I still have some packing to finish tonight, and then I'll be up around 4:30 to finish tomorrow morning before Holly picks me up at 5:15. Yayyy going home.


  1. You'll get it eventually. You'll find what works for you and the weight will start coming off. Just be happy with your little loss. Its a small victory but a victory none the less. Its the little first steps that help us get to where we need/want to be.

  2. Have fun at home and don't be to hard on yourself! You are doing good!

  3. PS- you have a little something on my blog!

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  5. All those little losses add up. Congrats!