Thursday, December 3, 2009

Do you know what feels incredible?

Moisturizing. You think I am kidding, but I am not. I have always dealt with dry skin, mostly on my feet and elbows. Not much of anywhere else though.

But this week, I discovered something terrible. You can get dry skin on your face!!! I have never ever had dry face skin. But now I do. It is terribly itchy and kind of rough and scaly. On my FACE!!! So I made a trip to Target and got me some facial moisturizer. I put it on as soon as I got in the car after buying it. Not only does it feel amazing, it smells pretty good too. And by that, I mean it smells a little like sunscreen, since it is SPF 15. And I do love the smell of sunscreen... it reminds me of the beach.

Anyway, so now in addition to slathering my body with lotion after showing, I am also slathering my face. I am sure my skin will thank me.

Thanks for the comments yesterday, friends. I am just going to take this one day at a time. My goal for this weekend is to exercise at least once. I will have a better chance of making this happen, since I won't be limited to exercising only in the morning. Once I hit the afternoon, I usually feel a lot better. I also might try using the gym at the Y tonight/tomorrow night. Just to see what it's like and if it works for me.


  1. :) That's cold and winter for you! My psoriasis (mostly elbows) gets pretty bad too, my body's always thankful when I give it a little nice smelling lotiony loving! And it does do a little something for the Soul!
    Good luck on the workout!

  2. OH you work at the Y! Lucky! I am debating on getting a membership to the local gym, but there is no YMCA around and a membership costs like 50.00 a month! Yowzer! Great goal about working out this weekend!

  3. Facial moisturizers are great! Before I started using ProActiv and the moisturizer that comes with it, I used one my St. Ives just about every night. It was really effective and pretty inexpensive for a large tub.

    Wish there was a YMCA around here. Hope your workout goes well. =]